Homemade Asian Stir Fry Sauce | Family Cuisine

We all know Asian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in America. There are dishes that have become staples in American kitchens such as General Tso's chicken, Pad Thai, and Kung Pao chicken. But there are also

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Homemade Asian Stir Fry Sauce | Family Cuisine

I use this Asian Stir Fry Sauce with a lot of dishes besides just stir-fries including as a dip, marinade, topping for pasta, and much more.

About 30 years ago, a Japanese friend taught me how to whip this healthy stir fry sauce up for a lot of the dishes he prepared. He mostly used it as a dipping sauce, but I have found so many more uses for it over the years.

This Asian stir fry sauce is…

  • Extremely simple to make
  • Versatile
  • Flavorful
  • Perfect as a marinade
  • A great dipping sauce
  • Delicious

How to make Asian stir fry sauce

It takes about 5-minutes to prepare this easy Asian stir fry sauce, and it’s so versatile! The only ingredients required are:

  • low sodium Tamari or soy sauce
  • water
  • lemon juice
  • unrefined sugar
  • minced garlic
  • fresh chives, optional
  • thickener such as cornstarch or arrowroot powder

Making this easy recipe is as simple as combining all the ingredients in a bowl and whisking them together. Measurements are in the recipe card below. There’s also a print button.

Pour into stir-fries AFTER the veggies are finished (or nearly finished) cooking.

This sauce begins to thicken as soon as it is heated in the pan, so you want to add it last. To stop the thickening process, remove it from the heat.

Tips for use as a dipping sauce

  • When using it as a dipping sauce, we sometimes use it as is (without the thickener), but it can also be thickened up to have more of a gravy texture.
  • To thicken it for dips, simply add arrowroot powder and simmer or microwave for just a minute.
  • Cornstarch can also be used as a thickener, just be sure to stir constantly during the heating process to reduce lumps.
  • This will thicken quickly, so remove from heat as soon as it gets to the consistency desired for the perfect Asian dipping sauce.

What is arrowroot powder?

Arrowroot starch is used as a thickener in many foods such as puddings and sauces. It can also be used in cookies and other baked goods. The starch has an extremely bland taste, which makes it suitable for neutral diets.

It is believed that arrowroot helps to soothe upset stomachs/nausea.

Arrowroot powder should be whisked into a cool liquid before adding to a sauce or other liquid based recipe, and it should be added towards the end. As overcooking can destroy the gelling properties of arrowroot.

Unlike many starches, arrowroot will turn clear as it sets, and will not interfere with the color of the dishes it is included in.-Cooking God’s Way

If you don’t have arrowroot powder, cornstarch will work too. I like arrowroot powder because it tends to clump less when warming. It can be purchased at most Asian grocery stores. It’s nice to keep on-hand to use as a thickener for many dishes and sauces.

Asian sauce as a marinade

We also use this sauce as a marinade in recipes like Veggie Kabobs. When using it as a marinade, you’ll want to leave out the thickener during the marinating process.

It used to be such a waste with the marinades we used with meat that had to be thrown out after the marination process because of being in contact with raw meat.

Nowadays, after marinating, we can use the same sauce for a healthy dipping sauce or even turn it into a gravy by adding thickener. So much healthier! See thickening instructions above.

This sauce is used to make my Asian Green Beans, and they are a great twist on traditional green bean recipes.

*Originally published January 22, 2015.

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