The Ultimate Hot Dog Cart: Perfect for Family Cuisine!

Introducing the Gladiator Grill and Fryer

Are you ready to take your hot dog game to the next level? Look no further than the Gladiator Grill and Fryer, the ultimate hot dog cart that will revolutionize your business. With its unbeatable features and top-notch quality, this hot dog cart is a game-changer.

Grill: Unmatched Grilling Excellence

The Gladiator Grill is renowned for its exceptional grilling capabilities. Equipped with a double rack and a powerful 55000 BTU, this cart offers ample cooking space for all your delicious treats. Say goodbye to cleaning troubles, as the drip tray below the barbecue is designed to hold grease for months. Plus, everyone knows that grilled hot dogs and sausages are a fan favorite. Let the irresistible aroma of smoke attract customers to your stand.

Steam Table: Versatile and Convenient

The steam table on the Gladiator Grill is equipped with two robust cast iron burners and shut-off valves. It can easily accommodate pots of various sizes with lids. From hot dogs to buns, chili to cheese and sauerkraut, this steamer has got you covered. Cleaning is a breeze with its easily removable stainless steel pans and lids. Rest assured, these NSF approved pans and lids meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

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Sinks: Hygiene Made Easy

Just like any reputable hot dog stand, the Gladiator Grill comes equipped with four stainless steel sinks. With hot and cold water at your disposal, maintaining cleanliness is a breeze. This cart also features a 5-gallon clear water tank and a 7-gallon disposable water tank, ensuring you have enough water for a day of serving your customers with a smile.

Beverage Bin: Customers’ Delight

Keep your customers refreshed and satisfied with the insulated beverage bin on the Gladiator Grill. Designed for easy access, it allows customers to help themselves. The bin also maximizes the life of ice and comes with its own drain and plug. With a capacity to hold 144 cans, it’s a breeze to refill. The hinged lid, complete with a chrome handle, adds an elegant touch to this fantastic feature.

Condiment Table: Customization at its Best

The stainless steel condiment table on the Gladiator Grill offers customers the freedom to dress their hot dogs to perfection. Located on the opposite side of the vendor, it ensures privacy for your customers and safety for everyone. Thanks to a 40-inch long piano hinge, the table is retractable during travel. Diced onions, sweet relish, banana pepper rings, dill pickles, jalapenos – the possibilities are endless. Complete with a mustard and ketchup dispenser and a napkin holder, this table is ready to elevate your hot dog experience.

Bread Box: Organized and Efficient

The Gladiator Grill’s bread box is a godsend for those looking to keep their supplies in order. With two levels, it can hold up to 30 bags (360 units) of fresh buns behind sliding doors. The upper level is perfect for storing extra foil, napkins, paper bags, and other essentials. The chrome handles on the sliding doors add a touch of elegance that matches the superb quality of this hot dog cart.

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Umbrella: Cool and Stylish

Don’t let the scorching sun deter your customers from enjoying their hot dogs. The Gladiator Grill comes with a 9 ft. market umbrella that can be personalized with your favorite color. Placed in the center, it provides perfect shade throughout the day. Need to clean it? No problem! Simply remove the cloth part and toss it in the laundry machine. Market umbrellas are not only affordable but also easier to replace than vinyl umbrellas. No more worries about grease and dust buildup – just a simple weekly cleaning with soap and a brush will keep it looking fresh.

Heating Source: Reliability Redefined

The steam table and grill on the Gladiator Grill run on propane, stored neatly in a steel fence cage at the front of the cart. With two twenty-pound tanks (not included), you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel. This cart ensures you can serve your customers without any interruptions.

Trailer: Sturdy and Reliable

Rest assured, the Gladiator Grill sits on a D.O.T. approved heavy-duty trailer with a baked enamel finish. Equipped with a leaf spring suspension system, it guarantees a safe and smooth towing experience at freeway speeds. The standard 4.8″ x 8″ tires ensure stability on the road, so you can focus on delighting your customers.

Towing Bar: Safety First

Safety is paramount, and the Gladiator Grill hot dog cart understands this. Its towing bar comes with a 1 7/8″ ball coupler and two safety chains, ensuring that your cart is securely attached during transportation.

Lights: Visibility and Compliance

Be seen and stay compliant with the Gladiator Grill’s tail, stop, signals, and hazard lights. Equipped with a male wiring harness, this cart also comes with a license plate holder for added convenience.

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Wheel Leveling Jack: A Steady Stand

Keep your Gladiator Grill hot dog cart stable with the easy-to-use 1000 lb. capacity swing-back trailer jack. This jack features a side crank handle for effortless leveling. When it’s time to hit the road, simply fold it back and secure it, allowing for hassle-free transportation.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your hot dog cart game with the Gladiator Grill! Click here to explore the world of Family Cuisine, where quality meets deliciousness.

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