how do you make oolong milk tea

Oolong milk tea is a green tea that has been infused with oolong, which gives it a grassy flavor. The green tea leaves are steeped in hot water for about three minutes and then the liquid is poured over ice

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How do you make oolong milk tea

Oolong Fresh Milk Bubble Tea

2 years 4 months – this is how long I’ve been away from the blog! I was full of excuses to not come back and blog proper: the laptop is old and slow; the camera is not working properly; work is too busy; weekends are reserved for rest and housework etc… While these external factors may play a part, but I know that me, myself and I is the reason for the absence.

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Yesterday, Singapore announced that all standalone food and beverages will have to shut, and this includes majority of the bubble tea shops. This resulted in a mad rush to queue for the last bubble tea, or order that last sugar fix from one of the online delivery platforms. Then some of my friends asked me last night if I can make bubble tea – and actually I did tried making the boba pearls years ago when I was living overseas in a place where there’s no bubble tea at all. But it’s really tedious and I didn’t make a second time to blog about it.

homemade boba

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So I decided to ride the wave/hype and cash in on this current craze even though there’s already plenty of bubble tea / boba pearl recipes and videos out there. The whole video and photo-taking was done using just my phone (though I did the editing in the laptop) – it’s pretty amazing how a phone camera can be so powerful these days.

I’m sharing a milk-based bubble tea today that is made with fresh milk and tea, no creamer is used. The flavour of the tea is Oolong (乌龙), which is one my favourite bubble tea flavours. For the boba pearls, they are made with just dark brown sugar, water and tapioca flour (no food colouring!) The dark brown sugar I used is known as 黑糖 (hei tang) in Chinese – the kind usually used to make Chinese desserts. The pearls are not as dark in colour, but they are as chewy, if not more chewy, than those out there!

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