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how does it take to cook 8 boiled eggs | Family Cuisine

In order to cook 8 boiled eggs, it takes approximately 10 minutes.
how does it take to cook 8 boiled eggs | Family Cuisine

If you’ve ever wondered how to make perfect hard boiled eggs, this post is for you! Easy peel hard boiled eggs can be tricky, but they don’t have to be. From how long to boil eggs, to the best way to peel them, this post will have you on your way to perfect eggs every time!

Eggs in a carton

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I’m so excited to teach you how to make perfect hard boiled eggs today! My husband is the king of making the perfect hard boiled eggs. I made him write down all of his secrets to share with you today, so take it away Cullen! xoxo

Hey, Cullen here also known as Mr. Picky Palate. I love adding hard boiled eggs to my diet to increase the protein intake. I use boiled eggs in between meals or after a workout. Excited to share my tips with you that can save you tons of time.

eggs in pan ready to boil

How To Boil Eggs

Talking about how to boil eggs! To get started, set fresh eggs into a medium sized sauce pan. Some say that letting the egg acclimate to room temperature will stop them from cracking. I personally have found no correlation to stopping the crackiness by leaving the eggs out of the fridge. Every once in a while I get a cracked egg, but for the most part they stick together (I discuss more of this further down).

filling pan of eggs with water to boil

Step 1: Add Cold Water To Eggs

I like to pour cold water in the pan and completely cover the eggs. Approximately one inch plus of water above the eggs is sufficient for boiling. Additionally, the construction man in me chooses cold water as I prefer not to use hot water coming from the copper pipes in my food, as copper over time disinigrates more with hot water running through it.

Eggs in a pot of water

Step 2: Bring Eggs To a Boil

Place the eggs with water over high heat and bring to a boil.

bringing water to boil with eggs in pan

Step 3: Boil Your Eggs

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For our gas stove, bringing the eggs to a boil takes about 15 minutes in our larger saucepan.

add ice water to pan of boiled eggs

Step 4: Add Ice To Eggs To Stop Cooking

Once you’ve boiled the eggs between 10 to 12 minutes (I use 11 minutes), bring the eggs to your sink and lightly set ice and water on top of the eggs. We want to stop the cooking process and get them ready to devour.

ice water in pan of boiled eggs

Approximately 10 minutes under ice works for me. Pull an egg out of the water and you can get a feel for it’s readiness. If the egg is warm, keep it in the ice longer.

A hand placing a hard boiled egg on a cutting board

How Long Does it Take to Hard Boil Eggs?

When boiling starts, set a timer to 11 min. It’s important to be flexible in this step. Everyone has a different stove, size of pan, types of eggs, and so forth. What I suggest is you start at the guidelines I discuss and adjust from there as batches come out. The time for boiling could be anywhere from 10 to 12 minutes.

I’ve found that white eggs tend to crack more than brown eggs. If you have a problem with cracking eggs, once you bring to a boil, take the heat to medium and add a minute or so to your boiling time. Another way to try, is that once the eggs boil take off the heat, cover and let sit for approximately 12 minutes.

One goal of mine when boiling eggs is to eliminate the green egg yolk. I’m sure we’ve all seen the green egg yolk. Even though this is harmless to us, this recipe aims to avoid or minimize this.

How to Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

I get most annoyed at an egg that doesn’t peel well (see below as why an egg doesn’t peel well). I believe there is an art to cracking an egg. What I like to do is crack it all around the egg by tapping it on a hard surface.

Hands peeling an egg

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I then squish the egg shell all around and you feel the shell start to separate from the egg….now this is perfection.

peeling hard boiled egg

Pure magic as the shell glides off the egg.

Hands removing the shell from a boiled egg

Sometimes the shell may not come off this easily. It is known in the egg world that the more fresh the egg, the more difficult it is to peel. When that’s the case, I run water on the egg as I remove the shell. Also, occasionally there is a thin filmy skin between the shell and egg that I remove. I’m particular about removing this so I spend the extra seconds to remove it by running my fingers around the egg while under running water. Don’t ask me why-I just want it gone.

Hands cutting a hard boiled egg in half

I’ll cut the egg in half so you can see inside.

Hand cutting a hard boiled egg to see inside

Nicely cooked yolk and whites. Perfect hard boiled eggs.

An egg carton with the words

How to Store

I prefer to store my hard boiled eggs in a carton. I mark the carton and keep the eggs in the fridge. They can last in the shell for up to 1 week.

Pin Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

easy peel hard boiled eggs

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