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How long do kittens need kitten food

forKitten food is a staple for kittens and cats. Kittens need kitten food for the first three months of their life, during which they are still growing. It's important to provide your kitty with the proper nutrients in order to
How long do kittens need kitten food

Nothing is extra lovable, sweeter or cuter than a kitten. One in every of my major motivating needs to turn out to be a veterinarian was so I may take care of all of the lovable kittens and puppies. I get so excited seeing kittens and puppies stroll by way of the doorways of my animal hospital. However with lovable and cute comes loads of work and a ton of consideration.

A kitten has completely different dietary wants than grownup cats, so you will need to educate my new pet dad and mom on kitten vitamin and when to change from kitten meals to grownup cat meals. We wish these little guys rising as much as be large, sturdy and wholesome. Similar to human infants, for a kitten to develop and develop correctly, they want completely different sorts of meals at completely different levels of their lives.

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So, let’s focus on the correct pet vitamin and weight loss program for small kittens and get an thought of when we have to swap over to adult-based vitamin and care.

What Vitamins Does My Kitten Want?

Kittenhood is a playful, extremely energetic time in a cat’s life. Along with being extra energetic than adults, kittens want extra power for rising and growing. These tiny creatures have completely different nutrient necessities than grownup cats do. Generally, kittens want the next in an acceptable kitten meals:

  • Extra energy, protein and fats than grownup cats
  • Omega fatty acid DHA, which is essential for mind and imaginative and prescient growth
  • Nutritional vitamins and minerals for growing immune methods
  • Optimum calcium to phosphorus ratios

What Is in Kitten Meals?

Kitten meals formulation are thought-about development diets. They’re formulated to be larger in power density with extra fats content material than grownup cat meals. I hear on a regular basis from my pet dad and mom that their grownup cats appear to be gaining weight since they’ve launched a kitten into their house. Usually, the grownup cats are consuming the kitten’s meals.

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Kitten meals has extra fats content material for larger power wants and can trigger weight achieve for grownup cats that require much less power and are extra sedentary.

Along with larger fats content material, kitten meals diets are formulated with extra enhanced dietary profiles, corresponding to omega-3 fatty acids, and optimum calcium to phosphorus ratios for rising bones and growth.

When Ought to I Change from Kitten Meals to Grownup Cat Meals?

Kittens must be fed a growth-formulated weight loss program till they’re at the very least 90 % of their grownup weight. Generally, kittens attain this milestone at about 10 to 12 months of age. The exception is for bigger breed cats. Some bigger breeds are advisable to be on development diets for an extended time period as a result of they don’t attain maturity till 18 months to 2 years of age. All the time converse along with your veterinarian concerning how lengthy your kitten must be on a kitten weight loss program.

How Ought to I Transition My Kitten to Grownup Cat Meals?

You will need to transition to grownup cat meals steadily. Your pet’s digestive system is house to billions of micro organism that preserve their gastrointestinal tract wholesome. These microbes (micro organism and yeasts) support within the digestion of meals, combat off potential pathogens, make vitamins and nutritional vitamins, and bolster the immune system. In contrast to people, pets eat the identical weight loss program on daily basis, and subsequently develop microbes to digest that particular weight loss program. When the weight loss program is abruptly modified, the gastrointestinal-dwelling microbes wouldn’t have time to regulate and digest the brand new meals. This may end up in extreme gastrointestinal upset, with vomiting and diarrhea. To keep away from this, I all the time advocate slowly transitioning your pet to their new meals. The final guideline is to transition your kitten to an grownup weight loss program over 7 days as follows:

  • Days 1 and a couple of, add ¼ of the brand new weight loss program to ¾ of the previous weight loss program
  • Days 3 and 4, add ½ of the brand new weight loss program to ½ of the previous weight loss program
  • Days 5 and 6, add ¾ of the brand new weight loss program to ¼ of the previous weight loss program
  • Day 7, transition absolutely to the brand new weight loss program

As a Small Animal Veterinarian, Do You Advocate Any Particular Kitten or Grownup Cat Meals?

There are various completely different diets on the market, and it may be overwhelming to have to select the “right one.” As a small animal veterinarian, I like to recommend and belief Hill’s Science Eating regimen and Wellness.

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Kitten Dry Meals: Hill’s Science Eating regimen Kitten Wholesome Improvement Rooster Recipe Dry Cat Meals

Grownup Cat Dry Meals: Hill’s Science Eating regimen Grownup Indoor Cat Dry Cat Meals, Wellness CORE Grain-Free Indoor System Dry Cat Meals

Pet vitamin is an integral a part of the event, development and well being of your pet. Putting your kitten on probably the most nutritious and acceptable weight loss program from the beginning helps to make sure a lifetime of well being and happiness. Nothing brings me extra happiness and pleasure than seeing lovable, feisty and playful kitties. Take pleasure in this time and bear in mind to take loads of photos, as a result of earlier than it, they may now not match within the palm of your hand. When you have any questions or issues, it’s best to all the time go to or name your veterinarian. They’re your greatest useful resource to make sure the well being and well-being of your pets.

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Need to give your pet superior well being and vitamin? Chewy affords a wide range of premium cat meals so you possibly can feed your feline the very best high quality components. Store Chewy’s number of premium cat meals right here.

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