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A full intro that includes exactly the phrase: how long to cook beef roast on gas grill is a great way to start off any article or blog post.

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How long to cook beef roast on gas grill

Grill-roasted beef is a classic beef sirloin roast, cooked to perfection on a charcoal or gas grill. A bit healthier and so much more delicious than oven-roasted beef.

When I think of roast beef, I think of low and slow cooking in a roasting ban filled with veggies and a crisp fall afternoon. I certainly don’t think open flame, charcoal, and a barbecue. Grill-roasted beef? Not something I’d ever tried.

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Until today.

Classic oven-cooked roast beef is hard to top in the down-home comfort food category, but after making grill-roasted beef, I may never go back.

How to Grill a Beef Roast

Grilling a roast can be intimidating. Most people love grilling for thin cuts, like steaks and burgers where some heat and a few fancy spatula flips can make magic happen. But grilling a whole roast can be an idea that many never even take on.

Start with good beef

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Now, by ‘good’ I don’t mean go buy the most expensive cut you can afford. Actually, a lot of cuts are affordable, overlooked, and loaded with flavor.

A sirloin tip roast is one of my favorites. It’s a lean cut from the round (which is a great muscle for flavor).

Because it’s a well used muscle, it isn’t as tender as others, so it’s idea for a slower cook. But in my opinion, one of the best for grilling, especially when it’s all said and done and sliced thing for sandwiches, or… just for nibbling.

Grilling roast Beef is easier than you think. And, duh, you can do it outdoors. Double win right?

Most of us think about holiday meals and carolers by the window while the roast is simmering along in the oven. And I am not trying to take that idyllic vision of a holiday roast away from you.

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But I’m going to add another version to your mental tally.

A Roast You Can Make at a Cookout.

Seriously. Want to level up your backyard barbecue? Take tailgating to the max? In less than 90 minutes you are ready to serve your guests. Slice it up into thick slabs, or thin for sandwiches dripping with flavor. This grill-roasted beef recipe is what you need the next time you pull out the charcoal.

Stay tuned because later this week I show you a great recipe to use up any leftovers; Roast beef wraps with Dill Slaw.

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