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Grilling pork chops for how long? Well, that's really up to you. You can grill them for about 20 minutes or so if you want the meat to be very rare and moist, but you could also cook them for an hour

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How long to grill pork chops for

Lean grilled pork chops come out juicy and tender every time thanks to a simple sprinkling of pork dry rub for a dinner that’s ready in under 30 minutes.

How to Make Grilled Pork Chops | #porkchops #recipes #grilled

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Juicy Grilled Pork Chops

Pork chops have long been known as a working man’s meal. They’re economical, lean and healthy, and quick to cook. They also have a history of coming to the dinner table dry and withery as shoe leather.

But no more! Today is the day to banish that belief because tough, dried out pork chops are about to be expelled from your vocabulary.

My husband has made these simple grilled pork chops so many times he’s figured out the secrets. Whether bone-in or boneless, these pork chops turn out tender, juicy, a little bit smokey, and far from any mode of foot fashion.

Even better, these grilled pork chops don’t need a marinade or a brine, so they go from package to grill to dinner in 30 minutes.

Here’s how to make perfectly juicy grilled pork chops every time.

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How to Grill Pork Chops Without Drying Them Out

You don’t need much to make juicy pork chops, just good quality chops, canola oil, and your pork chop seasoning of choice (I prefer making this homemade spice blend).

Sprinkle the pork chop seasoning on lightly oiled pork chops, making sure to coat both sides well. Allow the rub to rest into the chops as the grill pre-heats so the flavor seeps into the pork chops before searing on the grill and sealing in flavor.

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Then, it’s just a matter of throwing the pork chops on the grill and letting them cook through. You want to turn the chops just once while they’re on the grill.

How Long to Grill Pork Chops

Pork chops cook relatively quickly on the grill. Depending on how thick the cut, the pork chop grill time will be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Whether grilling with gas or over charcoal, make sure your grill grates are hot. The pork chop grill temp should be between 350° to 450°F. Hot grill grates ensure food doesn’t stick, and with lean pork chops, the sticking factor can be higher.

How to Make Grilled Pork Chops | #porkchops #recipes #grilled

What Temperature Pork Should Be Cooked to Eat Safely

For years, cooks have been told to cook pork until well done, resulting in a dried out piece of meat nobody wants to eat. No more!

According to recent changes in the USDA guidelines, it is safe to eat pork cooked medium rare. Cook the pork chops to an internal temperature of 140°F and still barely pink inside, then rest for about 5 minutes for the residual heat will continue to cook and raise the internal temperature.

For thin cut, bone-in pork chops about 1/4 inch thick, cook over direct medium-high to high heat for a total of 3-5 minutes, with the lid closed, turning once.

For 1-inch thick boneless pork chops, cook for 8-12 minutes over direct heat turning every 3-4 minutes or until well grill marked with the lid closed. Add another 5 minutes resting time for the juices to set in the meat.

If cooked properly, the pork chops will release a bit of juice as they rest, a sign they’re still nice and juicy on the inside.

How to Make Grilled Pork Chops | #porkchops #recipes #grilled

How to Cook Pork Chops on a Gas Grill or Charcoal Grill

Pork chops are far more lean than they used to be back in the day, and is the same reason why they can easily be overcooked. To make sure they come out juicy and flavorful there’s a few tips to deliver juicy bites every time.

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Choose the right pork chop for grilling. While lean chops are good, too lean—like sirloin chops—are not great for grilling. Instead, choose center-cut rib chops and center-cut loin chops with a bit more fat for flavor and tenderness.

Fat or thin, both chops win. Thin pork chops are great for grilling because they cook quick with less time to dry out. Thicker pork chops can be just as tender and just as juicy as thin. Again, it comes down to the cut you choose. For a quick-cooking boneless pork chop, choose pork chops with a thin fat cap that are about 1 inch thick.

Oil your chops, not the grill. Boneless pork chops don’t have much fat and can stick to the grill if not oiled. We use canola, grape seed or olive oil.

Simply season grilled pork chops. Just like any protein, seasoning is the key. Choose your favorite store-bought pork seasoning or make your own, like my dry rub for ribs that’s loaded with flavor.

How to Make Grilled Pork Chops | #porkchops #recipes #grilled

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How to Make Grilled Pork Chops | #porkchops #recipes #grilled

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