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This is a guide to roasting a chicken on the grill. It will take about 15 minutes for each side, depending on the size of the chicken.

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How long to rotisserie a chicken on the grill

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We finally bought a rotisserie for our barbecue and this BBQ Five-Spice Rotisserie Chicken was born! The very first recipe on our brand spanking new rotisserie and it was so delicious! If you haven’t tried Chinese Five-Spice before, you really should pick yourself up a bottle and give it a go, this is one of the best chicken marinades I’ve made!

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BBQ Five-Spice Rotisserie Chicken in spit rod
Rotisserie Chicken

Making Rotisserie Chicken at Home

I have a confession : I love, LOVE, LOVE grocery store rotisserie chickens. Costco has the best, in my humble opinion, but when I am in a hurry any grocery store rotisserie chicken will do. You can make your own rotisserie chicken at home on your barbecue and it’s easier than you think! While it may or may not be cheaper than buying it at the store (this all depends on the price of whole chickens and here in Alberta the price of chicken is crazy HIGH compared to a lot of places) the real reason is that you can make your own flavoured marinades and up your rotisserie chicken game! Thus my five spice marinade, I wanted to try a flavour that was new to us and chicken was the perfect pairing for five spice.

barbecue rotisserie chicken on a white platter
barbecue rotisserie chicken on a platter

How to Set Up the Rotisserie Chicken

This was the part that Mike and I had to learn how to do – get the darn chicken on the actual rotisserie spit rod and prepare the barbecue.

Prepare Your Barbecue

  1. If you can get a drip pan onto your BBQ, remove the cooking grids and warming racks from barbecue and center a drip pan right under the middle of the rotisserie, right under where your chicken is going to roast.
  2. Preheat the barbecue on medium-high for 10 minutes.

Place the Chicken on the Spit Rod

  1. Make sure that your chicken is trussed-I leave mine trussed up from the grocery store, it’s SO much easier!
  2. Slide one of the skewer forks onto the spit rod, placing it just offside of the center of where the chicken is going to be and tighten it on securely.
  3. Insert the spit rod through the cavity of the chicken, bringing the one end of the chicken to the first skewer that you secured on. Pierce the chicken onto that forked skewer as evenly as you can ( I like to start with the heavy breast end first to get that balanced somewhat) then add on the second skewer, securing the chicken in place with the remaining fork.

How to Test That The Chicken is Evenly Balanced on the Spit Rod

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This is easier described by video to be honest, and this is a good one to help you out!

This chicken was so tender, so moist and SO packed with flavour that we demolished it like a pack of wolves! Mr Magie declared that the dark almost burned parts of the skin were the best chicken skin he’s ever eaten – and he’s not a chicken skin guy, at all. He stole it off of everyone’s plates ( luckily my daughter wouldn’t touch chicken skin with a ten foot pole) and ate the most chicken I’ve ever seen him eat in one sitting. The five spice powder with the sesame oil, garlic and soy….you guys, it was a flavour explosion.

Carved up rotisserie chicken with Brussels sprouts & riced cauliflower
Carved up rotisserie chicken with Brussels sprouts & riced cauliflower

Karlynn’s Cooking Tip for Rotisserie Chicken

  • Marinade, marinade and marinade some more! The rotisserie chickens in the store are brined before they are put on the spit – that’s how they get their salty goodness that we all love. This marinade infuses the chicken with liquid AND flavour.
  • Watch the chicken very closely for the first few times you make one. Learn if your BBQ has any hot spots and watch for those.
  • Get a good meat thermometer like I always lecture about – and use it!

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Happy bbq-ing you guys! Enjoy!

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