how many green smoothies a day to lose weight

Hi, my name is _____ and I am a weight-loss blogger. In this article, I will be sharing with you how many green smoothies a day to lose weight.
how many green smoothies a day to lose weight

As so many people are raving about the benefits of green smoothies, you might be wondering how much green smoothie should I drink a day? Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?

It’s a question I find myself getting asked on a regular basis.

Sure, I could just tell you to simply follow my example, as I’ve made green smoothies an integral part of my diet.

That means I take them daily and it even came to the point that I would replace a whole sit-down meal with a glass of this blended beverage.

That’s how I’ve managed to lose significant weight over the years, after all.

I know some people are still confused about how I did it, and I think it goes with the notion that the green smoothie diet is probably the biggest weight loss fad to hit the decade.

But it’s not just a passing trend; it’s actually a habit that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, I’m going to share with you today the answers to your questions regarding the recommended intake of green smoothies, not only for sustaining your daily nourishment, but also for losing and managing your weight.

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day?

You should drink at least one green smoothie a day, preferably in the morning. The smoothie should be about 28 ounces, but no more than 32 ounces. It also should provide at least 300 calories so you can replace one of your meals with it.

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day?;Healthy green smoothie with spinach banana

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?; woman with green smoothie drink writing to notebook at restaurant

The number of green smoothies you should drink each day to lose weight is 2 meal replacement green smoothies per day. These green smoothies need to contain enough calories to fill you up until your next meal so you avoid hunger and cravings while still allowing you to lose weight. The green smoothies should contain around 400 calories per serving size of 20 oz, 1 pint or 500 ml of volume.

The key to losing weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn. You can have a green smoothie twice a day for weight loss.

You can replace breakfast and lunch with a smoothie and have a sensible whole foods dinner.

It’s important that if you replace meals with a green smoothie, you aren’t eating on top of drinking the smoothie because you don’t want to overdo it with the calories.

A green smoothie should have enough calories to replace an actual meal.

However, if you drink a smoothie and eat a meal afterward, your calorie intake will increase and you won’t be able to lose weight.

Instead of breakfast and lunch, you could also try having a smoothie for breakfast and dinner.

Check out my weight loss calculator to find out exactly how many calories you need each day to lose weight.

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How Many Smoothies A Day Is Too Much?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day?;Green spinach apple smoothie

Replacing all of your meals every day with a green smoothie, every day of the week is too much.

You might find that you enjoy drinking green smoothies to replace meals and that’s fine. However, you don’t want to replace all of your meals with a smoothie.

If you are going to have three smoothies a day, whether it is detox cleansing or plainly just not wanting to cook full meals, you probably should do it for no more than a week.

Green smoothies are healthy and nutritious, but I’m sure you’ve heard that too much anything is not good for you. The same applies to your dietary needs.

To ensure you are getting enough calories, you may need to increase the number of calories in your three smoothies for that week.

For example, if your smoothie is 300 calories normally, you may want to increase it to 533 calories to maintain a 1600-calorie diet. Your individual needs may be different. So, adjust accordingly.

Is It Good To Drink Green Smoothies Every Day?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day?;green spinach smoothie with spirulina, chia seed, lime, apple

Green smoothies help give you your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Unlike juices, they contain whole ingredients.

It is good to drink green smoothies every day so you have complete nutrition and fiber.

Dietary fiber is essential for excellent colon health by keeping your bowels working properly for better regularity.

Fiber is also a natural combatant for constipation. If you have difficulty eating enough throughout the day, a green smoothie can replace a meal or you can have one as a healthy snack to fill you up in between meals.

Although you get antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and vitamins from green smoothies, you also get sugar. There is nothing wrong with drinking a green smoothie each day but watch your sugar intake.

Also, if you are attempting to lose weight, be mindful of the calories contained in your smoothie.

For snacking, the smoothie shouldn’t be over 150 calories. It can be significantly more for a meal replacement but you don’t want too many calories.

7 Benefits Of Drinking Green Smoothies Everyday

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day?;Green Smoothie Bowl

1) Hydration

Drinking green smoothies ensure you are providing yourself with the water. Not everyone manages to drink eight glasses of water each day. However, if you add more water to your smoothie, you will be increasing your fluid intake without having to drink plain water.

2) Chlorophyll Richness

When you drink green smoothies you are filling yourself with chlorophyll, which has several benefits, such as blood purification and enhancement of your immune system, according to experts. Chlorophyll also makes your green smoothie an excellent source of energy that’ll rejuvenate your body.

3) Gives You Radiant Skin

Green smoothies are high in fiber and they help your body rid itself of toxins properly instead of through your skin. Green leafy veggies had vitamin C and E, which promote healthy skin.

4) Aids In The Enhancement Of Focus And Mental Clarity

Antioxidants and carotenoids are found in green leafy vegetables, which improve your brainpower and also protect your brain. Green smoothies also are full of B vitamins, which boost your brain health and function and strengthen your ability to focus. A green smoothie is also rich in folic acid, which is proven to help with mental clarity.

5) Encourages Weight Loss Naturally And Healthily

Green smoothies have low fat whole foods, vitamins, healthy carbohydrates, minerals, and fiber which help you lose weight fast and in a healthy way. Green smoothies fill you up so you don’t have to eat as much, which is an excellent way to shed pounds. Unless using a green smoothie as a meal replacement, they are generally low in calories with lower natural sugars than what‘s found in juices and traditional fruit smoothies.

6) Helps With Total Metabolic Function And Digestion

When you blend veggies and fruits together, you break down the plant cells, which enhances digestibility. When blending the vegetables and fruits, you unlock nutrients which then have maximized delivery to your body much better than if you were chewing a salad.

7) Increases Daily Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables

It’s recommended that you eat at least five to nine servings of vegetables and fruits daily, which may prevent cancer and other diseases. Drinking green smoothies gives you several servings of fruit and vegetables with each glass.

Green Smoothie Side Effects

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day?;green smoothie with banana, kiwi, avocado, spinach and chia seeds

As I mentioned earlier, too much of anything is not good for you. The same applies to green smoothies.

They taste great with the fruit masking the taste of the veggies. They are nutrient dense and have many health benefits, which I’ve highlighted.

So, how can there be any side effects?

Well, you don’t want to drink all your meals regularly because of the lack of chewing, which according to research is bad for your overall quality of life.

Also, green leafy vegetables contain an organic acid called oxalate, which binds to certain minerals, however, this is common in plants, and has not been proven to be anythin we need to worry about.

You shouldn’t avoid nutrient-dense foods, like green smoothies, because of the high oxalate content in them. It’s not a nutrient of much concern for a majority of people.

To read more on this subject, check out my article, are green smoothies bad for you.

You can have a smoothie every day for as long as you want. They are a great way to lose weight, especially if you substitute two meals a day with a smoothie.

There are many health benefits of drinking green smoothies. You don’t want to drink them for three meals a day unless detoxing and even then you don’t want to for more than a week.

Other than that, green smoothies are a great way to keep yourself healthy and vibrant.

Do Green Smoothies Really Help You Lose Weight?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day?; two-glasses-of-healthy-green-smoothie-new

Time and again, a diet consisting mainly of green smoothies has been proven by science to help you lose weight loss.

Being loaded with leafy veggies that contain high amounts of fiber, antioxidants and plant-based compounds, a green smoothie naturally serves as an appetite suppressor and a fat buster.

By helping you curb your cravings and making you feel full for longer, you’ll never feel the need to binge eat, and this eventually leads to a significant weight loss.

Drinking green smoothies actually promotes the reduction of calorie intake so you can trim down your weight to an ideal number.

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What Can I Put In My Smoothies To Lose Weight?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?; Ingredients-for-green-spinach-smoothies-strawberries-bananas-blueberries-seeds

While a basic green smoothie recipe can actually aid in weight loss, it is not enough to sustain the rest of your dietary needs.

This is why it is suggested by nutritionists that you incorporate plant-based protein, healthy fats and carbs into your usual smoothie blend.

That’s how it becomes a meal replacement drink.

It can substitute for a plated meal without skimping on nutrients.

You’ll lose weight if you add ingredients that are not “empty calories” or those that have no significant benefits to your health.

As a suggestion, you can choose from a variety of plant-based foods such as leafy greens, legumes, fruits, berries, grains and seeds not just to add flavor and color to your green smoothies, but also because they are very powerful weight loss ingredients.

Find out what ingredients you need to add to a green smoothie to make it a complete meal here.

Protein powders may be a good addition, but as much as possible I refrain from using highly-processed powder mixes because they may contain artificial additives, which will defeat the purpose of an all-natural consumption of nutrients through drinking green smoothies.

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Is It Okay To Drink Green Smoothies Every Day?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?; green smoothie berries fruits seeds

It is good for your health to drink green smoothies every day.

Even if you decide to just take them in the morning, it can still bring you high amounts of nutrients which you typically get out of eating sit-down meals.

It’s just that the blender does the chewing for you, but it’s still like consuming your regular ration of fruits and veggies.

So far, there has never been a case that links green smoothies to health hazards.

This makes them ideal for everyday consumption.

However, if you have an existing health condition, it is best to check with your doctor first before embarking on a green smoothie diet.

This is not to hinder you from trying out green smoothies, but rather to ascertain how much you are allowed to consume and how frequently you can take these drinks.

To be clear, green smoothies are safe for all ages and gender.

The only difference comes from what each individual puts into the blender.

After all, each one of us has unique dietary requirements, so you might as well learn how your body reacts with particular nutrients.

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What Should I Eat For My Dinner To Help Me Lose Weight?

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?; Rice with vegetables and tomato

Now that we know that replacing your breakfast and your lunch with a green smoothie is the best thing for your health and for weight loss, we now need to think about what we’re going to eat for dinner.

Every calorie adds to your body’s fuel reserves, so make yours count.

For dinner, the aim should be to fill your tummy enough for you to avoid snacking before you sleep.

This means you need to eat low-calorie yet protein-rich foods such as beans, lentils, veggies, and whole grains.

The way you prepare them is also as important.

It is much better for your health and your waistline to avoid cooking with oil. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid fat, only that the fat should come from healthy, whole, plant-based sources like beans and lentils.

Veggies can be sautéed and stir-fried in stock, while a cup of grains can be boiled like rice.

If you’d like to know what to eat for dinner and the rest of your meals to help you lose weight, check out my weight loss system called The Leaf System.

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Why Calories Matter When It Comes To Weight Loss

How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?; Office desk with supplies and lunch box food notepad calculator

It’s mainly because the success of many diet programs relies on you being in a calorie deficit.

When you consume fewer calories than you burn, that’s when the body’s weight loss activity kicks in.

But not all calories are bad.

You only need to consume calories from nutritious foods so that your body also benefits from their nutrients.

You can use my calorie calculator to give you an idea of how much calories you should be consuming in order to lose weight.

Secret Slimming Mango & Coconut Green Thickie

Here’s my favorite recipe on my website that will help you lose that excess weight asap. Plus it tastes delicious too.


I hope that this blog post has answered your question of “How much green smoothie should I drink a day to lose weight?”

I know dieting can be hard, especially since all your life you were taught to get your nourishment only from actual plated foods.

But green smoothies are changing the diet landscape one refreshing glass at a time.

Being highly nutritious, safe, effective in weight loss, I can vouch for the benefits of drinking these green smoothies as can be seen in the dramatic drop in my body weight and my overall wellness.

The only thing left to do now is for you to try this out.

After all, there’s no harm in trying and with myself as a living testimony to its effectiveness, I know you’ll never regret taking my advice.

Watch my story in the video below where I tell you how I lost 56 pounds with green smoothies.

Here are all the most popular resources that will help you take things to the next level:

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How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?


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How Much Green Smoothie Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight?

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