How much baking soda and salt to kill fleas

The best way to kill fleas is by using a mixture of baking soda and salt. You can use one cup of each or half a cup of each, but it's best not to overdo it because the mixture may be too strong

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How much baking soda and salt to kill fleas

Are you searching for a flop-proof manner of eliminating fleas from your own home, pets and yard? Rise to the problem by pulling out a humble field of baking soda out of your kitchen cabinet to destroy them. Should you utilized it often and observe the steps on this article, you’ll win the battle and efficiently clear up your flea drawback.

  1. Does baking soda work to kill fleas and how briskly does it work?
  2. Is it protected to make use of it to deal with my canines and cats which have fleas?
  3. Will baking soda assist with a fleas infestation in my house?
  4. How do you apply baking soda onto your pet to kill fleas?
  5. Can this superior powder eliminate the fleas in my yard?

Does baking soda kill fleas and the way lengthy does it take?

Sure it does, nevertheless it have to be used appropriately, and often together with atypical desk salt. The explanation why this mixture is so efficient as a weapon towards flea infestation is that they each work collectively to dehydrate the fleas, together with eggs and larvae.

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The heavier grains of salt drop additional down into your pet’s fur, the pile of carpets and people little nooks and crannies the place fleas like to cover. In distinction, the powdery high quality of baking soda makes an simply spreadable movie that makes it tough for these gross creatures to flee unscathed.

It’s necessary to recollect too, that the motion of baking soda is to dehydrate the physique of the flea and its eggs, so this isn’t an immediate course of. If you’re utilizing this powder in your pet’s coat, it must be involved with the pest for a couple of minutes, so some residue wants to stay in your pets physique for it to be efficient. Extra on this once I get to the applying course of.

When utilizing baking soda to regulate flea infestations within the house surroundings, you could be much more affected person, however I promise that it’s well worth the wait. The outdated expression, ‘overnight’ is kind of literal right here when utilizing it in your carpets, padded furnishings, and hardwood flooring, as I’ll clarify.

How protected is it to make use of this powder in your pets for fleas?

Baking soda been utilized in a number of pet merchandise like toothpaste and cat litter for a few years and has proved itself to be very protected to make use of round cats and canines. In fact, an excessive amount of of a great factor is rarely nice, and that is true of baking soda.

By no means permit your pets to ingest giant quantities of baking soda (see quantities specified on this hyperlink). This will trigger all types of issues (akin to muscle spasms), which might be harmful.

The excellent news is that it not a pleasing tasting substance and in no way probably that your pet will fortunately make a meal of it. I’ll present you how you can use baking soda in your pets somewhat later on this article, however suffice to say that it’ll contain making use of it on to your pet, not giving it to them to eat. Nonetheless, it’s price noting that in the event that they do lick a few of it up, there isn’t a actual hazard that you could fear your self about.

Utilizing baking soda to eliminate fleas in your carpets

Baking soda comes into its personal whenever you use it as a way of stamping out fleas from your own home. It is senseless to tirelessly work on eliminating fleas in your pets and then you definately don’t deal with the surroundings. Your pooch or kitty will get re-infected, and you’ll not get away with out been bitten both. So pay money for a field of baking soda, a packet of desk salt and let’s get began! I’ve additionally written an in depth information on eradicating fleas from carpets, test it out.

PRO TIP: Don’t stress an excessive amount of when you haven’t sucked up each final little bit of the combination out of your carpets. These pure components received’t hurt your carpet fibers like different industrial carpet cleaners. No matter is left over will proceed the dehydrating course of, which is unhealthy information for fleas. Additionally, the alkaline properties of the powder will neutralize acidic odors, leaving your carpets smelling beautiful.

Utilizing baking powder on hardwood flooring or tiles for fleas

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Baking soda being used on the floor for flea controlHappily, exhausting, easy surfaces usually are not that inviting to fleas and they might want to go for heat, mushy darkish spots in the home however that doesn’t imply that you simply received’t discover them leaping about in your lovely wood flooring. You’ve got the selection of treating them with baking soda in powder kind, or you might make your flea repellent liquid spray.

Use the powder immediately on hardwood or tiles: To make an influence that can eliminate any stray fleas, use 1 cup of baking powder and a ¼ cup of salt. Utilizing your trusty, home made sprinkling container (talked about earlier), apply this combination throughout your flooring.

It’s positively a good suggestion to place your pooches or kitties in a separate space whenever you do that. You don’t need them slipping and sliding on the powder – and take care that you simply don’t do the identical. Depart on for so long as you possibly can, then vacuum it up.

Make a twig bottle resolution (advisable): I want this technique because it makes it simpler to spray alongside your skirting boards, into corners and joins in your flooring. Not solely are you making the protection of your flea repellent simpler, however you additionally received’t need to vacuum up an entire load of powder unfold throughout your ground. You possibly can permit the combination to dry naturally and simply do the traditional sweeping and washing of your hardwood ground everytime you want.

Make a flea zapping apple cider vinegar spray utilizing ¼ cup salt, ¼ cup baking soda, ¼ cup ACV and a pair of cups of water. Shake up all of the components to mix properly and spray away. Don’t saturate your wood flooring; a positive mist is all you want. You don’t need to wreck your lovely flooring with an excessive amount of water! Repeat this technique as usually as you would like; extra usually in case you are making use of it to tiles to fully cease the cycle of fleas.

Don’t neglect about your upholstered furnishings and your storage

Sadly, fleas like to “just chill” simply as a lot as you do, and the little darkish crevices in your couches and in your storage are sometimes favourite flea hideouts. Right here is how one can cope with them.

Your sofas: Fill the identical shaker bottle (mentioned earlier) with equal quantities of salt and baking soda and sprinkle throughout your upholstered furnishings, down the perimeters of and beneath cushions. Utilizing a mushy brush (you don’t need to smash your material with a tough bristled brush) distribute the combination evenly over the material surfaces. Depart in a single day for the powder to carry out its death-dealing magic, after which vacuum it up.

Your storage: Make sufficient of the identical spray that you’d use for treating your hardwood flooring and use it to spray into darkish corners and your complete ground area of the storage. The residue left on any surfaces will proceed to behave as a flea repellent, and though you possibly can repeat the method each couple weeks (relying on how proactive you need to be), this doesn’t have to be cleaned up and works splendidly.

Find out how to use baking soda to eliminate fleas in your pets

baking soda being used for cat and dog flea problemsHappily, baking soda is protected to make use of immediately on our pooches and even on our choosy felines. Probably the most efficient methods of utilizing this powder is to carry out a baking soda tub to your pet (particularly for canines), however let’s have a look at a pair choices:

Make a baking soda based mostly flea spray: Use this to your pooch or your cat – your kitty will a lot want a delicate spray of this system to be dunked right into a baking soda tub. Utilizing a twig bottle, combine one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon sea salt, 1 cup apple cider vinegar and one cup of heat water collectively.

Spray fastidiously over your pet, avoiding his face or any delicate areas. The salt and apple cider could make this spray sting so just remember to don’t spray onto any open cuts, grazes or sores and delicate pores and skin. Therapeutic massage into your pet’s coat for a recent smelling, flea free coat. Reapply each few days and see how the flea inhabitants diminishes.

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Use baking soda as a dry pet shampoo: Baking soda is understood to be an important cleansing agent so put it to nice use by giving your pet a dry shampoo massage that can do extra than simply clean up his or her coat. Getting the powder down into his fur will depart a residue that can coat fleas sufficient to dehydrate them. Apply in any manner that works for you – utilizing your sprinkler tub or simply your fingers and therapeutic massage into your pet’s coat.

At all times keep away from your pet’s face however you’ll want to rub fastidiously into these favourite flea spots- behind ears, again of neck and base of the tail. When you find yourself glad that you simply’ve completed an important job, take a small towel and rub off any extra baking soda. You don’t need your pet licking off and ingesting an excessive amount of of the powder.

Make a baking soda tub for canine fleas: That is one in every of my favorites for canines. Place ¼ cup baking soda, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 5 drops of peppermint oil (which is nice for holding fleas away) with 2 cups of heat water. Rub this combination into the fur, avoiding his face. Brush or comb by way of your pooches fur, getting the components right down to his pores and skin. Depart on for a minimum of 5 minutes, longer in case your doggie is glad to permit you. Depart the combination in your canine, simply give him a massage with a dry towel to get off any extra moisture and repeat as soon as every week.

You too can use this concoction as a last rinse you probably have used a industrial canine shampoo. Since baking soda is alkaline, it’ll neutralize any acids contained within the shampoo, restoring the ph steadiness of his pores and skin and can successfully eliminate your doggies fleas.

PRO TIP: In case your doggie or kitty does have any flea chew sores or another pores and skin irritations, combine baking soda and somewhat water to make a paste. Apply to any irritated areas utilizing a ball of cotton wool to assist soothe bites and scrapes. The alkaline nature of this powder is nice for giving your pet aid from burning or itchy pores and skin.

PRO TIP: When you’ve got a cat and don’t need to use baking soda (some individuals don’t just like the powder going in every single place), think about using coconut oil (learn my information on it). It’s nice for flea management on cats, works rapidly and with repeat use, even provides your kitty cat a beautiful, glowing coat. It is usually fairly straightforward to use and comparatively low cost, so go test it out.

Is it attainable to make use of this powder for a flea drawback within the yard

What about utilizing baking soda to snuff out fleas within the yard? A combination of salt and baking soda in equal portions along with two cups of water might be positioned in your backyard hose sprayer attachment and sprayed in your backyard and onto your garden.

It will assist preserve critters at bay, however fairly actually I consider that you simply want one thing stronger to blast fleas outdoors in a sizzling, humid surroundings. A greater choice can be to make use of a mixture of important oils in your hose sprayer, or utilizing one thing like helpful nematodes for flea management (which is my private preferable, have had some unbelievable outcomes and you may study all about it in that article.).

Simply as somewhat replace to this text, I’ve simply written a information on treating your yard for these pests, and in case you are battling with an out of doors drawback, I like to recommend that you simply check out it. I’ll nonetheless reply any questions on utilizing baking soda outdoors on this article, so please don’t hesitate to ask. I simply need to guarantee that I preserve all my articles up-to-date with the newest content material.

In conclusion, baking soda is unbelievable alternative for flea management!

Who would have thought that such an simply accessible and low cost ingredient that’s often obtainable within the pantry could possibly be so versatile? I hope you get pleasure from placing all these totally different recommendations into motion and that you’ve got nice success in saving your pets, your own home, and yourselves from the curse of fleas with this pure, protected product.

Please share your experiences with me or to ask any questions relating to this product. I all the time reply feedback on my weblog (even when there’s generally somewhat delay, life will get hectic generally), so please don’t hesitate to inform me what you suppose. Thanks for studying!

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