How much chaga tea to drink per day

Chaga is a type of fungus that grows on birch trees. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and it is currently being studied by scientists to see its potential health benefits. The medicinal properties of chaga include anti-

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Mushroom Dosage Information

Chaga Warnings – How a lot chaga to take?

Chaga mushroom will be thought of a tonic and will be consumed every day to assist preserve stability and alkalinity inside the physique.

Chaga vitamins embrace a wealthy supply of phytonutrients, nutritional vitamins and minerals and gives a wealthy supply of every day vitamins that helps to take care of optimum well being.

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Too A lot Chaga Tea

However as with all issues an excessive amount of of factor could hinder reasonably than assist. One ought to observe correct mushroom dosage to attain the very best outcomes.

Let these straightforward to observe mushroom dosage directions and included Chaga Warnings be your information to utilizing Annanda Chaga to maximise good well being.

Chaga Tea Dosage

Chaga Powder Dosage / Chaga Powder (High-quality Grind) Dosage

Adults – Use 1/2 tsp (2.5g) of Annanda Chaga Powder per 6oz cup of boiled water every day; will be re-steeped 2 or 3 instances. Or, sprinkle 1/2 tsp (2.5g) straight onto meals. Really helpful Each day mushroom dosage shouldn’t exceed 3.6g.

Chaga Mushroom Tincture Twin Extracted Dosage

Annanda Chaga Tincture Adults – Take 2 to three droppers (2.2ml – 3.3ml / equal to 72 mg – 109 mg of dried Chaga mushroom) underneath the tongue or with any beverage. Repeat dosage as much as 3 to five instances a day. Annanda Chaga Tincture will be added to your every day protocol of Chaga Tea if desired.

Annanda Chaga Extract Dosage

Annanda Chaga Extract : Take 1 dropper pull = 1.0 ml twice every day

Chaga tea explained, all about chaga teaBe taught Every thing you have to find out about Chaga Tea

Chaga Destructive Aspect Results | What to anticipate when taking Chaga Mushroom Tea

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Chaga is a really highly effective detoxifier, free radical scavenger and a diuretic. One can anticipate indicators of detoxing! Chaga uncomfortable side effects embrace, elevated urination, so you will need to additionally enhance your water consumption which is able to additional assist flush toxins, heavy metals and different contaminants from the physique.

Is chaga a blood thinner? Chaga is suspected to be a vasodilator which opens blood vessels, lowers blood strain, enhances therapeutic and reduces diabetic blood sugar ranges.

Chaga stimulates the endocrine system, which aids the physique’s capability to provide melatonin and serotonin naturally. With constant every day consumption of Chaga, deep R.E.M. sleep is induced serving to the physique with re-generation and deep mobile therapeutic.

As soon as may additionally expertise anticipate by vivid desires and awakening with feeling very refreshed and an improved readability of thoughts. Chaga uncomfortable side effects are most frequently factor!

Wealthy in tree based mostly sterols, Chaga vitamins promote the pumping motion of the guts and will increase blood circulation which helps enhance power, vitality and stimulates metabolism. Chaga Builds Power!

Chaga is of course anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-Candida which helps to maintain overseas micro organism and microorganisms in examine whereas selling wholesome flora and intestinal well being.

Chaga Warnings | Chaga Hazard

Chaga grows on the Birch tree so these with allergy symptoms to Birch shouldn’t devour Chaga Mushroom in any kind. Birch allergy symptoms aren’t frequent however normally accompany different recognized allergy symptoms to different meals like pitted fruits or carrots.

Seek the advice of a well being care practitioner prior to make use of in case you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Chaga is wealthy pure minerals like potassium and magnesium which is of course excreted from the physique through the kidneys and liver. Constant over consumption of Chaga vitamins could overburden the kidneys and should result in kidney or liver harm and/or illness.

A documented case of Oxalate Nephropathy in a 72-year-old Japanese girl with liver most cancers is suspected to be attributable to over consumption of chaga mushroom powder.

You’re taking diabetic drugs laboratory research counsel that chaga may additionally decrease blood sugar, inflicting further results.

Oxalates in Chaga | Kidney stones and Osteoporosis

If one suffers from kidney stones or osteoporosis one ought to keep away from excessive oxalate meals. Latest research counsel that some medicinal mushrooms could include excessive ranges of oxalates. Learn extra about Oxalates in Chaga Mushroom and why they could be of concern for these with kidney stones or osteoporosis

Well being Advantages of Chaga Mushroom

the Well being Advantages of chaga mushroom are fairly spectacular. You possibly can study extra about Chaga Advantages outlined in our complete chaga well being advantages pages.


Chaga is acknowledged as a protected pure mushroom used for hundreds of years with no recognized issues. Acknowledged with G.R.A.S. (Usually Acknowledged as Secure) standing by the World Well being Group.

The dosages and instructions outlined right here have been examined by science to be decided inside the pointers specified within the monographs of Well being Canada.

These instructions and mushroom dosage instructions are to not be thought of relevant, nor ought to be utilized to the consumption of different Chaga Mushroom or mushroom associated merchandise aside from these by Annanda Chaga Mushrooms and are to be thought of exterior the scope of those evaluations.

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