How much iced tea is safe to drink daily

Iced tea is a popular beverage that has many health benefits. It contains antioxidants and is low in calories, making it a healthy choice for daily consumption. However, there is some debate as to how much iced tea is safe to drink

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How much iced tea is safe to drink daily

I do know that lots of you noticed the headlines final week a couple of man who went into kidney failure after ingesting an excessive amount of iced tea. How do I do know? As a result of I all of a sudden began getting emails from apprehensive listeners, asking how a lot iced tea one can safely drink.

The case, which was reported in a letter to the editors of the New England Journal of Drugs, concerned a center aged man who went to the hospital in fairly dangerous form and finally ended up on dialysis. The medical doctors had been initially perplexed about the reason for the kidney failure however finally concluded that it was “almost certainly due to excessive consumption of iced tea.”

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Iced Tea: How A lot Is Too A lot?

The man reported ingesting a couple of gallon of iced tea daily – which is a substantial quantity however on no account unprecedented. These of you who reside within the southern United States, for instance, know what I am speaking about. If everybody who drinks a gallon of iced tea a day had been to finish up in kidney failure, there would not be sufficient dialysis machines within the Northern Hemisphere to deal with the demand.

In actual fact, that is exactly why this case ended up within the New England Journal of Drugs: it was a shocking and strange occasion. Nonetheless, the medical doctors speculate that tea consumption may very well be an under-recognized think about kidney illness. They inspired different medical doctors to ask sufferers with unexplained kidney issues about their tea consumption.

Why Would Tea Harm Your Kidneys?

Black tea is wealthy in pure compounds known as oxalates, that are present in numerous in any other case wholesome meals, equivalent to spinach, rhubarb, bran cereals, and chocolate. Oxalates bind with calcium, which reduces the quantity of calcium your physique can soak up from high-oxalate meals. So long as these meals aren’t the one supply of calcium in your eating regimen, this is not more likely to be a problem by way of your bone well being. But when these calcium/oxalate crystals accumulate in your kidneys, it will probably trigger kidney stones, irritation, and even kidney failure.

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How a lot is an excessive amount of? The typical individual takes in between 150 and 500 mg of oxalates per day – and folks whose diets are excessive in greens, entire grains, soy, and different legumes most likely fall towards the top quality.

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The affected person on this uncommon case was getting round 1500 mg per day, simply from his tea – and that was clearly an excessive amount of for his kidneys. That does not imply it could be an excessive amount of in your kidneys. Some persons are merely extra susceptible to forming kidney stones than others. In actual fact, basic inhabitants research have discovered no relationship between the quantity of oxalates within the eating regimen and the danger of kidney stones.

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Even when you’re not susceptible to kidney stones, there could also be a few different causes to rein in your tea consumption. Relying on the place it is grown and the way it’s processed, tea may also be excessive in fluoride. Just a little fluoride is an effective factor however – as with virtually something – an excessive amount of fluoride could cause issues.

The tannins in tea may block the absorption of iron – particularly the kind of iron present in greens. That is most likely solely a priority for vegetarians who drink a considerable amount of tea daily and with each meal.

Tea Additionally Has Well being Advantages

However let’s not overlook concerning the many advantages of tea: It is excessive in a singular class of antioxidants. Common tea consumption might decrease your danger of coronary heart illness and the caffeine it incorporates seems to guard in opposition to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

How A lot Tea Can You Safely Drink?

So, taking all this into consideration, is it doable to give you some form of guideline for a way a lot tea is an excessive amount of? There aren’t any official suggestions on this one. However for many wholesome individuals. I believe 6-8 tea luggage per day (or the equal) is an affordable restrict. For normal-strength iced tea, that is within the neighborhood of two liters. If you’re susceptible to kidney stones, nonetheless, you most likely need to discover another beverage.

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Thankfully. there are many natural teas which might be great iced. A few of my favorites embrace mint, hibiscus, lemon grass, and, rooibos. Within the summertime, I usually make a pitcher of refreshing tea by diluting a single cup of inexperienced tea with loads of ice water, contemporary lemon, cucumber, and mint. And, in fact, there’s at all times plain or glowing water or mineral water.

No matter your beverage of selection, I like to recommend weaning your self off the sweeteners – even the zero-calorie ones. Though synthetic sweeteners do not comprise energy, latest analysis means that they might contribute to weight achieve by altering the composition of your intestine micro organism. Should you should add a sweetener, stevia seems to be the most secure selection. Nonetheless, an unsweetened beverage is the sweetest selection of all.

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Iced tea and kidney stones photographs courtesy of Shutterstock.

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