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I love boiled peanuts. They are one of my favorite snacks, and I always have them on hand at home for quick snacking. However, they can be a little bland on their own. That's why I like to add salt to

boiling peanuts in pot

Boiled peanuts recipes are widespread the place peanuts are grown. Boiling peanuts requires water, peanuts, salt, warmth, and time.

Extra flavorings are used all over the world, however the ardour for boiled peanuts is identical no matter nation, continent, or island.

The small print make all of the distinction on the earth. The uncooked elements, together with boiling and soaking occasions, determines the feel, wetness, and taste of boiled peanuts.


  • Uncooked Peanuts – Sufficient to fill your pot
  • Water – Sufficient to drift the peanuts (measure how a lot used)
  • Salt – About 1/2 cup (8 tablespoons) of salt per gallon of water


Rinse the uncooked peanuts a number of occasions in water to take away particles. Put the peanuts right into a pot. You too can use a crockpot. Add water (measure as you fill) till it reaches not more than 1″ from the highest of the pot. The peanuts will float. Stir the pot, and convey it to a rolling boil (flip crockpot on excessive).

Contemporary inexperienced peanuts ought to boil at the very least 1 hour, and as much as 4 hours. Dried uncooked peanuts often must boil greater than 8 hours, and as much as 24 hours. Add recent water as required, as a result of the water boils away over time.

Style the peanuts as they boil. Uncooked peanuts first soften as they boil. The salt taste solely infuses the peanuts after they soften, and the brine permeates the shells. When they’re as tender as you want flip off the burner, and let the boiled peanuts soak within the brine for a number of hours to saturate the peanuts with the salty taste.

Inexperienced uncooked peanuts take at the very least 1 hour to boil, and uncooked dried peanuts could require as much as 24 hours to boil. The uncooked peanuts’ maturity, dimension, inner moisture content material, and your style choice determines their required boiling time.

When utilizing this boiled peanuts recipe in a stress cooker with dried peanuts, cook dinner them for about 45 to 55 minutes at 15 kilos stress, relying on how tender you like them. Let the stress cooker cut back stress naturally, do not power cool it. After stress cooking the peanuts you may proceed to boil them within the open pot to additional soften them.

Regardless the way you boil them, we recommend soaking the boiled peanuts within the brine for a number of hours after they attain the feel you want. Soaking infuses the peanuts with salty goodness, and makes them juicy. You’ll be able to soak them in a single day within the fridge for optimum taste. Eat them chilly, or reheat them within the juice to take pleasure in recent scorching boiled peanuts.

Whereas no boiled peanut recipe can let you know precisely how lengthy to boil your peanuts, by sampling them as they boil you may determine after they’re accomplished to your liking.

This Georgia knowledgeable tells his boiled peanut recipe for inexperienced peanuts. Discover JR makes use of “about 25 pounds of peanuts, 3 cups of salt for the first cooking”. He would not say how a lot water that’s. The ratio of salt to water is the vital issue not kilos of peanuts.

Many on-line boiled peanuts recipes advise utilizing extra salt than you want. The focus of salt within the water is the vital issue relatively than the kilos of peanuts within the water. Our boiled peanuts recipe suggests 1/2 cup of salt per Gallon of water. Some like extra, some much less. We advocate about 8 Tablespoons (+/-2) of salt per Gallon of water when boiling peanuts.

Correct boiling and soaking time permits the saline answer to stream by means of the shell into the pods, and saturate them with taste. Inexperienced peanuts will take at the very least 1 hour to boil, as much as 4 hours. Dried uncooked peanuts will take as much as 24 hours to boil. Dried peanuts (and dried beans) soften sooner when boiling with none salt. Add salt to the water as they cool and soak. Don’t attempt to rush good boiled peanut taste through the use of further salt. Let the magic occur naturally, over time because it does all over the world for boiled peanut distributors.

The right boiled peanut recipe creates the perfect texture, taste, and wetness from that exact batch of peanuts. Taste perfection requires correct cooking, and soaking time utilizing the freshest elements.

Regional boiled peanut recipes add chili peppers, jalapenos, outdated bay seasoning, shrimp boil seasoning, sugar, jaggery, star anise, turmeric, Chinese language 5 spice, cilantro, onion, garlic, Szechuan peppercorn, hen inventory, liquid smoke, and so on.

Smokey Georgia Inexperienced Boiled Peanuts Recipe

George reveals his South Georgia boiled peanuts recipe. He provides liquid smoke for the style of outdated time peanut boiling over hardwood fires. His recipe is 10 kilos of Inexperienced peanuts, 2 Gallons of water, 1.5 Cups of Kosher Salt (24 tbsp non iodized salt), and 1/4 Cup of Liquid Smoke. Cooking the inexperienced peanuts as much as 4 hours he tastes them periodically to determine when they’re accomplished.

They soak within the salty water as they cool for a number of hours previous to freezing them in containers for 12 months spherical enjoyment.

How one can make Jong (Zongzi) with Boiled Peanuts

Jong (additionally referred to as joong, zong or zongzi) is a mix of sticky rice, and a wide range of savory or candy elements boiled inside bamboo leaves.

Zongzi are an vital meals in the course of the Dragon Boat Competition on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. The Duānwǔ Jié competition memorializes the Chinese language scholar, and poet Qu Yuan (about 340 to 280 BC.). The Cantonese title for the competition is Tuen Ng Jit. Within the USA jong are typically referred to as ‘Chinese language Tamales’.

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