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how to add roux to soup

When cooking a soup, you can add roux to thicken it. A roux is a mixture of flour and fat that is cooked until the raw smell goes away, then added to the soup or sauce.

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How to add roux to soup

How to Make Thickened Soups

Methods to Make Thickened Soups

Soup is such a flexible dish, and there are actually hundreds of sorts of soups. I tend to consider thickened soups throughout chilly climate, however a comforting, creamy soup is de facto welcome any time of the 12 months. Thickened soups are soups which have been thickened in any of various methods. Some thickened soups are pretty high-calorie due to the thickening methodology (in addition to the substances usually) and a few are downright wholesome.

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Whereas many thickened soups are sizzling, some are served chilly. Some have giant chunks of substances and a few are clean. Some include meat and a few are vegetarian. However, for the needs of this dialogue, let’s check out the other ways to thicken soup.

Roux-thickened Soup

Most frequently in the USA, once we consider roux, we consider Louisiana. And whereas it’s true that one of the well-known Cajun soups, gumbo, is thickened with roux, roux can be the bottom for thickening sauces and stews within the European custom.

Regardless, a roux is a cooked mixture of equal components flour and fats (oil or butter) which can be cooked collectively. The longer a roux is cooked, the darker the colour and the stronger the flavour. Additionally, the darker the roux, the much less thickening energy it has.

Gumbo is thickened with a roux, however it’s a very darkish roux that’s actually used extra for colour and taste than for thickening. A lightweight or “blonde roux” is your best option if you wish to thicken a soup with out imparting additional taste.

There are two foremost methods so as to add roux to a soup. The primary is to make the roux within the soup pot after which add broth or inventory and the remainder of the substances to it. The second is to have a roux already made after which add it to the soup on the finish. All the time add chilly liquid to a sizzling roux and sizzling liquid to a chilly roux (or chilly roux to a sizzling liquid) to maintain the ensuing soup from being lumpy.

Roux is a flexible ingredient to have in your cooking arsenal. Not solely does it thicken and add taste (when darkish sufficient) however because it comprises starch within the type of flour, it could actually additionally preserve a soup containing cream or cheese from breaking.

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Examples: Gumbo with Hen and Sausage – New England Clam Chowder

Puree-thickened Soup

Thickening a soup with a puree is a restaurant approach that could be very straightforward to do within the residence kitchen. After making soup, all you need to do is both puree a portion of the soup (both in a blender or utilizing an immersion blender) after which stir it again in. The puree provides physique to the soup and does nothing to muddy the soup’s taste because it really is the soup.

You can too puree your complete recipe as properly.

A 3rd method to thicken the soup is to stir in an extra puree, comparable to mashed potatoes or pureed cooked rice. This can be a smart way to make use of up leftovers, and rice and potatoes have a reasonably gentle taste that gained’t compete with the flavour of your soup.

To make use of leftover mashed potatoes, warmth them up with a portion of the soup broth, simply to loosen them a bit. Then, merely whisk them into the soup. To make use of rice puree, mix cooked rice with a little bit of liquid and puree in a blender till clean, and whisk into your soup.

Examples: Hen and Hominy Soup Corn Chowder (really makes use of the starches in grated corn to thicken the soup) – Creamy Hen Mushroom Soup – Peppercorn Avocado Soup – Purple Lentil and Apricot Soup – Roasted Purple and Yellow Pepper Puree – Tomato Soup

Slurry-Thickened Soup

A slurry is a skinny combination of starch and chilly liquid which is used to thicken. Most frequently, the starch used is both flour, corn starch or potato starch. The liquid might be water, broth, inventory, beer, wine, and so forth, however it should be chilly to stop lumps.

To thicken a soup with a slurry, whisk collectively about 2 tablespoons of starch with 1/4 cup of liquid and drizzle it in. To stop a uncooked starch taste and to be sure that the slurry has thickened the soup as a lot as attainable, deliver the soup to a boil for a minute or so to cook dinner the starch. Add the slurry a bit at a time till the soup is as thick as you need.

Dairy-Thickened Soup

Including a touch-or more-of heavy cream to your soup after which letting it simmer for a bit to cut back it’s a basic method to thicken a soup. Usually, the approach is used along with a roux. Make a roux, then put the soup collectively. Add the cream over the last twenty-thirty minutes of the cooking course of.

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Different dairy choices so as to add to thicken a soup embrace crème frâiche and bitter cream. If utilizing bitter cream, stir it in on the finish and ensure to maintain the soup sizzling however not boiling. Bitter cream will break if boiled. This isn’t a difficulty with crème frâiche, so it’s most likely a greater concept to make use of it if attainable.

Should you can not discover it, you may make an affordable substitute by including 1 Tablespoon of buttermilk to 1 cup of heavy cream, stirring properly, and letting it sit, loosely lined, till thickened, about 12-24 hours.

Examples Purple Curry and Coconut Soup (makes use of coconut cream as a thickener)

Egg-Thickened Soup

Some soups, most notably Greek Avgolemono, are thickened with egg or a mix of egg and cream. Since eggs will curdle if cooked too rapidly, whisk a portion of the new broth into the eggs after which whisk the egg combination again into the soup. Once more, be sure the soup is sizzling however not boiling-ideally, it must be under 160F. Upon getting added the egg, stir over low warmth till the soup is about 165F after which take away from the warmth.

Beurre Manie-Thickened Soup

Beurre manie, or kneaded butter, is like an raw roux. Equal components of flour and butter are kneaded collectively right into a putty-like consistency. Bits of this combination are then whisked into the soup on the finish of the cooking course of till the soup is as thick as you need it. For the reason that fats fully coats the flour particles, you don’t want to fret about your soup getting lumpy. Simply whisk it proper in.

Pasta (or different starch)-Thickened Soup

When making a brothy soup like hen noodle, you cook dinner the pasta individually after which add it to the completed soup. This retains the starch from thickening the soup. If you’d like thickened soup, nevertheless, simply cook dinner the pasta proper within the soup, permitting the starches to leach into the broth, including physique and thickness.

Examples: African Peanut Soup (makes use of rice in addition to peanut butter as a thickener) Cut up Pea Soup (because the peas cook dinner, the launched starches assist to thicken the soup)

Bread-Thickened Soup

This feels like a wierd method to thicken a soup, however baked bread is de facto nothing greater than starch and protein, each of that are good thickeners. Plus, it’s a superb approach to make use of up day-old bread. To make use of bread to thicken a soup, puree it with a few of the soup after which whisk it in. Should you do need to add a little bit of taste, use an herb bread. After all, be sure that the herbs within the bread complement the soup you’re making. You possibly can even toast the bread to deliver out some caramelized taste notes.


When making a thickened soup at residence, don’t hesitate to mix two or extra strategies of thickening. Simply take note the flavour of the soup you’re thickening and use strategies that can complement it. Think about these methods to mix thickeners in a soup.

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  • Begin with a roux after which puree all or a part of the soup to additional thicken. – Fundamental Corn Soup Spicy Corn Soup
  • Begin with a roux and end with a slurry. – Fish Chowder
  • Begin with a roux and end with cream. – Lobster Bisque
  • Add pasta to the soup and additional thicken with a slurry or with egg and cream.
  • Puree a part of the soup and additional thicken by stirring in leftover mashed potatoes.
  • Whisk in beurre manie and additional thicken with cream.

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