How to Make Perfect Air Fryer Frozen French Fries Every Time!

Video how to air fry french fries frozen

Are you tired of baking frozen french fries in the oven and ending up with lackluster results? Don’t worry, the solution is here: the air fryer! French fries and air fryers are a match made in heaven. But you might be wondering, how exactly do you cook frozen french fries in an air fryer? Well, look no further because I’ll guide you through the process step by step. Say goodbye to soggy fries and hello to crispy perfection!

Air Fryer Frozen French Fries Ingredients

Before we dive into the cooking instructions, let’s talk about what you’ll need. The best part is, you don’t need much! Just grab a bag of frozen french fries and your trusty air fryer. No need to add any oil since the fries are already coated before they’re frozen. As for the air fryer, I highly recommend the 5-quart Gourmia Air Fryer for its size and convenient pre-heating function. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

How to Make Frozen Fries in the Air Fryer

Now, onto the main event: cooking the frozen fries in the air fryer. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pre-heat your air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (about 160 degrees C). This step is crucial for achieving the perfect texture.
  2. Spread the frozen fries evenly in the air fryer basket. It’s okay if some overlap, but avoid overcrowding the basket. Overloading the air fryer is the number one reason why frozen french fries don’t turn out crisp and golden.
  3. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Keep in mind that cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of your fries. Shoestring fries will require less time, while thick-cut fries will need more.
  4. Halfway through cooking, give the basket a good shake. This ensures that the fries on the bottom move to the top and cook evenly.
  5. After 10 minutes, check the fries. If they aren’t golden and crispy enough for your liking, add a few more minutes.
  6. Once they’re done, shake the fries onto a plate. If desired, add salt to taste. Personally, I find that the fries are already perfectly salted, so I skip this step.
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And just like that, you’ve mastered the art of making frozen french fries in the air fryer! It’s quick, easy, and delivers fantastic results every time.

Air Fried French Fries Variations

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not experiment with different types of fries? Here are a few variations you can try:

  • Waffle Fries: These fries have a unique texture, with thin sections and thick sections. Check them at around 8 minutes for optimal crispiness.
  • Steak Fries: Known for their thickness, steak fries will require a bit more time to cook. Aim for 13-15 minutes and remember to shake them around multiple times for even cooking.
  • Sweet Potato Fries: These fries have a higher moisture content, which can make them soggy in a conventional oven. Crank up the temperature to 400 degrees and check them at around 10 minutes for the best results.

With these variations, you can add some excitement to your air fryer cooking repertoire.

So, next time you have a craving for french fries, forget about the oven and reach for your air fryer instead. You’ll be rewarded with perfectly golden and crispy fries that will satisfy your taste buds. If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to leave a comment or send a message through our Facebook page. Happy air frying!

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