How to apply tea bags on eyes

The first thing you need to do is make sure your skin is clean and dry. You can use a cotton ball or towel. Next, tear off one of the tea bags and place it on top of your closed eyelid. Press gently

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How to apply tea bags on eyes

Whether or not you prefer to drink it scorching or chilly, there’s something so soothing and nourishing about consuming tea. Past the style and the comfy vibes it cultivates, the well being advantages are fairly candy too. Relying on what kind you drink, advantages can embody improved intestine well being (particularly inexperienced tea) and boosted mind well being. And, right here’s the one profit many are unaware of, the tea luggage might be good to your eyes. Yup! When you’ve brewed and sipped your drink, you possibly can put tea luggage on eyes as both a chilly or scorching compress.

Forward, Jessie Cheung, a board-certified dermatologist, shares the news on the advantages of tea luggage on eyes and the way, precisely, to make use of them.

Reading: How to apply tea bags on eyes

The advantages of placing tea luggage on eyes

Helps depuff

Putting luggage of caffeinated tea over your peepers may also help with that. Dr. Cheung explains that the stimulant present in them helps constrict blood vessels and tightens the pores and skin. The important thing, she provides, is utilizing chilly tea luggage as their temp additionally helps constrict blood vessels.

Can soothe pink eye

Whereas placing tea luggage in your lids received’t remedy a case of pink eye, Dr. Cheung notes that utilizing them as compresses could soothe the irritation and dry sensations related to conjunctivitis, an inflammatory an infection. Make certain that it’s a chilly tea bag, although, as Dr. Cheung says a heat compress could add to the swelling.

Could brighten up underneath eyes

“You can use tea bags to wake up tired eyes and mask dark circles,” Dr. Cheung says as doing so provides hydration, creates a smoothing impact, and (once more) the chilly helps constrict the blood vessels across the eye space.

Helps restore pores and skin moisture

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Dr. Cheung notes that many natural teas additionally comprise soothing anti-inflammatories, which medical research have proven to assist enhance pores and skin moisture and smoothness.

Relieves eye irritation

Utilizing heat tea luggage in your eyes may additionally be useful when on the lookout for aid from eye points similar to stye (a pink, painful lump), blepharitis (eyelid irritation), or a chalazion (typically known as an eyelid cyst). The tea luggage will assist soften the clogged oils and reduce irritation, Dr. Cheung says.

What kinds of tea luggage to make use of on eyes

What sort of tea bag you utilize will rely upon what profit you want. For swelling and irritation, Dr. Cheung recommends chamomile tea luggage, as chamomile accommodates parts (flavonoids and terpenoids, particularly) which have traditionally been used to deal with swelling and irritation. She suggests it for pores and skin soothing, too. “Chamomile has been found to be moderately effective at treating eczema when applied topically,” she says.

To reap skin-boosting advantages, Dr. Cheung suggests choosing teas excessive in antioxidants similar to white and inexperienced tea.

All that stated, make sure you use teas that don’t comprise any substances you might have an allergy to—as an illustration, Dr. Cheung says many individuals report being allergic to chamomile tea as it could comprise ragweed, daisies, marigold, or chrysanthemums.

Easy methods to use tea luggage on eyes

Use natural tea

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The most secure tea bag choice to your eyes is natural teas that come packaged in bleach-free luggage with none staples, Dr. Cheung says. The staples, she explains, can retain warmth and will burn your pores and skin once you place the tea luggage in your eyes, or the sharp edges also can scratch you.

Steep the tea bag

When you’ve snagged your natural tea luggage out of your native well being meals retailer, Dr. Cheung says the following step is to submerge them in scorching water in accordance with the instructions on the bundle. Then, enable the tea bag to chill for a couple of minutes. Within the meantime, take away any eye make-up or contact lenses.

Do a temp examine

Earlier than you apply the tea luggage in your eyes, be sure you examine the bag’s temperature in opposition to your wrist or fingers, Dr. Cheung says. Then, squeeze out any extra water.

Apply the tea luggage to your eyes

As soon as the tea bag’s temp is excellent, Dr. Cheung instructs making use of it to your closed eyelids. She warns in opposition to getting any liquid in your eyes as that may irritate them—therefore the necessity to give the tea bag a very good squeeze first.

Whereas they work their magic, it is a nice time to compensate for your favourite podcasts or get your meditation on, however be sure you set a timer, as Dr. Cheung advises not leaving the tea luggage in your eyes for greater than half-hour. Any longer than that will dry out your pores and skin, which defeats the aim, no?

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