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The Southern delicacy of okra is easy to prepare and can be eaten as a vegetable or side dish. The most common way to fry the green pods is in cornmeal batter, but it can also be breaded and fried in flour

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How to bread and fry okra

Fried okra is a southern specialty and something you either love, or hate. Crispy fried with a bit of cornmeal and flour and just the right amount of seasoning, this is one classic side dish you can dig in to and say “I declare!”

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a big pan of fried okra ready to be eaten

Frying isn’t always known for its health benefits but I’m here to prove you can have your fried okra and eat it too. With options for gluten free folks and the swap of refined coconut oil (that doesn’t taste like coconuts) instead of vegetable oil, you get the ant-inflammatory benefits and the crispy golden crust on this southern classic you love.

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Sprinkle them with a little extra salt right from the skillet and you’ll be ready to dig in.

What is fried okra made of?

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Obviously, okra-which is a member of the mallow family and originated somewhere between West Africa, Ethiopia and Southern Asia. No one really knows for sure. The seed pods the plants produce are sliced then baked, sautéed, or fried. For fried okra, sliced pods are soaked in buttermilk and egg, then dipped into cornmeal and flour before hitting the oil.

What does fried okra taste like?

Believe it or not, okra is really mild. There isn’t a ton of flavor to it if you ask me. You taste more of the seasoned breading and only a bit of the vegetable itself.

Can I use cut frozen okra?

Yes you can. You’ll want to bring the frozen okra out and leave it on the counter for about five minutes before breading it-just to allow any ice crystals to come off a bit, then bread it as instructed.

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The okra will thaw out while its frying. Just be mindful that frozen okra will be wet and will release water as it fries so it may splatter more than if you were using fresh.

Make this recipe gluten free

To make your okra gluten free, use any 1:1 gluten free flour blend that you enjoy. I like King Arthur’s and that’s what I used here. Your cornmeal should be naturally gluten free but check the package just to make sure it’s not be cross-contaminated.

How to bread okra

six steps to make fried okra

Make your okra a meal

Serve your okra with lighter, fresher options to balance the fried-ness. Try oven roasted corn with bacon, classic deviled eggs, and a simple roast chicken.

Ready for okra that’s not fried? Check out these 25 other delicious variations!

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