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Canning your own hot sauce is a great way to save money and time. A lot of people think canning is difficult, but it's actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. This article will teach you how to can

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How to can hot sauce

We go through a lot of hot sauce in our house. Not as much as my brother does (he eats hot sauce on everything) but we eat it a lot. We enjoy buffalo chicken, buffalo tofu, and hot sauce on different sandwiches and meats. So we always have an open bottle of hot sauce in the refrigerator and one in the pantry.

Love hot sauce but hate the price? Make it and can it yourself!

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I wanted to try making my own hot sauce but I couldn’t find any recipes that lasted more than a week or two and I knew it would take it longer to use a half pint or pint of it then a few weeks. I finally looked for a recipe I could can so I could make a large batch, give a jar or two to my brother, and enjoy the rest ourselves.

Homemade Hot Sauce

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The base of the hot sauce is tomatoes and peppers. I used jalapenos because I had some from my garden and we had some from the farmer’s market. There are a few other ingredients, including sugar, but not much. I was excited to try this recipe but I wasn’t sure it would taste like to hot sauce we are used to eating.

I love canning every summer and fall and this homemade hot sauce is one of my favorites!

I made the sauce but was a little concerned with the amount of sugar. Turns out I had a right to be concerned. While I really liked the flavor of the hot sauce and found it to have a good amount of heat behind it, I thought the sugar made it too sweet. So while the original recipe calls for 1 cup, I would bring it down to a half cup next time. Make and can your own hot sauce this year!

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