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How to cook chicken with sweet chili sauce is a delicious and simple dish that will have your friends begging for more. It can be served as a main course or as an appetizer, and the recipe is easy enough that you could make it

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How to cook chicken with sweet chili sauce

Sweet chili chicken in a bowl.

Sweet Chili Chicken Recipe

I developed this Thai sweet chili sauce chicken because I love crispy chicken with sticky sweet sauce.

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My recipe is so easy, delicious and picky eater friendly.

I assure you that everyone will love this dish!

Sweet chili chicken with sesame seeds, ready to serve.

Mae Ploy brand Sweet Chili Sauce in a bottle.

Sweet Chili Sauce

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I love Thai recipes and I am addicted to Thai sweet chili sauce.

This sweet, sticky, slightly spicy, orange-color sauce goes well with just about anything:

  • Sweet chili salmon
  • Shrimp and shrimp skewers
  • Eggs
  • Noodles
  • Brussels sprouts

You can also use it as a dipping sauce for appetizers, for examples: chicken wontons, chicken lettuce wraps, shrimp cake and salmon patties.

There are endless ways to use the sauce in a variety of Asian recipes.

Sweet Thai chili chicken, ready to serve.

How to Make Sweet Chili Chicken?

This recipe calls for a few simple steps. First, cut the chicken into pieces.

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Next, prepare the batter and coat the chicken pieces with the batter.

Finally, deep fry the crispy chicken and stir fry in the wok or skillet with some minced garlic, sweet chili sauce and lime juice.

To serve, garnish and top the chicken with sesame seeds, chopped cilantro and you have a winner chicken dinner!

Asian sweet chili chicken in a bowl.

How Many Calories Per Serving?

This recipe is only 282 calories per serving.

What Dishes to Serve with this Recipe?

This meal is best served with steamed rice. For a wholesome Thai meal and easy weeknight dinner, I recommend the following recipes.

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