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Chinese egg fried rice is a simple breakfast dish that can be made with leftover rice, eggs and vegetables. It is easy to make and perfect for busy mornings.

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How to cook egg fried rice chinese style

Chinese Egg Fried Rice (蛋炒饭) is a featured Chinese dish popular in all over the country. The ingredients are simple but taste is fried rice recipes are quite popular all over China.

Chinese people stir fry rice with different side ingredients and seasonings. Thus there come different types of fried rice. I still remember that various types of fried rice such as fried rice with soy sauce and Yangzhou fried rice are those dishes I love different types of those recipes, fried rice with beaten egg is the most popular and simplest recipe. This recipe is quite fitful for those office works and it can be used as the main part of breakfast.

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Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Another important side ingredient for basic fried rice is green onions. Green onions are chopped into small pieces and add to the rice at the very last step. Only a small amount is desired. Besides, green onion chops also add a green color to the white and golden color.

The secret of making fried rice is that the cooked rice should be with an appropriate humidity—not too dry or too wet. Generally, we cook the rice firstly and then leave it aside for at least 6 hours in normal temperature. Then the most important technique is to break the cold cooked rice into single grains. Any chunk among the rice will spoil the for the numbers of eggs, adjust it according to the amount of rice. Usually I match one egg with a small bowl of cooked rice(1 small bowl equals around 2 cups).For today’s recipe, I use two bowls of cooked rice and so I use 2 large eggs.Chinese Egg Fried Rice

How to make fried rice perfectly

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1. Stir-fry the rice to remove extra water contained even the rice is leftover before adding the egg.

2. Do a quick stir-fry just after pouring the egg liquid. So the egg can wrapped on each of the rice grain.

Another advanced technique is to mix the egg with the rice previously. This is a extremely help tip for beginners. In the mixing process, with the help of egg liquid, the rice can be well separated.egg fried rice|

egg fried rice|

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Heat oil, place the mixture and fry quickly. Until eggs are well cooked.

egg fried rice|

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egg fried rice|

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