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Ground pork is a great meat for stir fry. It is inexpensive and has a lot of flavor. To cook ground pork, start by mixing it with cornstarch in a bowl. Next, add soy sauce to the mixture and mix well

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This quick and easy ground Pork Stir Fry with Asparagus recipe is loaded with spectacular flavor, only requiring a handful of ingredients, and on the table in 25 minutes!

ground pork stir fry over white rice in bowl

Goodness, do I love a stir fry dish. I’ve often said that if push came to shove and I HAD to choose between Asian or Italian, I would pick Asian cuisine.

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If you dine at Chinese restaurants, you might recognize this Pork Stir Fry recipe as something similar to Szechuan Pork and Green Beans, which is a super popular menu item. Green beans are charred and cooked in a spicy sauce, then mixed with pork and an incredibly flavorful Asian sauce.

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Authentic Szechuan Pork, however, calls for ingredients that most American home cooks don’t have on hand and might have trouble finding at their local market. This Pork Stir Fry is a riff on that classic recipe with more common pantry items, but definitely does not skimp on taste!

Ground Pork Stir Fry

This recipe is very straightforward and quite simple, but there are a few things worth noting.

  • Use either green beans or asparagus: Using green beans or asparagus is a toss up for me, since I am madly in love with both. I chose asparagus this time around and that’s obviously what is photographed, but if you prefer green beans, go for it!
  • Shaoxing rice wine is ideal: Shaoxing wine is ideal for the pork marinade, if you can get your hands on some, but dry sherry is a great substitute.
  • Char those veggies: Whatever you do, don’t forego charring those asparagus pieces first – it’s definitely a key feature to this dish and adds another huge layer of flavor!
  • Spice level: The sauce for this is spicy, with a hint of sweetness. There’s definite heat to this dish, but your face will not be on fire, I promise!
  • Pork Stir Fry Sauce: Most of my stir fry recipes have a substantial amount of sauce, but this one actually has a very small amount. The ground pork absorbs it all, but you won’t miss it. Really.
  • Serve with cooked white rice: This recipe is fairly salty, so I highly recommend serving it with cooked white rice (like a lot of Asian stir fry), which lends balance, otherwise the saltiness will really stand out.
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Pork Stir Fry Recipe Variations

My recipe is written trying to stay as true to the pork stir fry flavors you order at Chinese restaurants, but there are additional variations.

  • Swap out the asparagus for green beans.
  • Dry sherry can be used instead of the Shaoxing rice wine.
  • Sriracha sauce can replace the chili garlic sauce, but cut the amount in half, taste, and adjust from there.
  • This stir fry is salty, mainly from the soy sauce and oyster sauce, which are both integral ingredients here. Make sure you are using low-sodium soy sauce, however if you are still trying to cut back, you can replace half the amount with water.

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We love this Pork Stir Fry so much. It’s quick and easy, packed with intense wonderful flavors. Leftovers the next day heat up quite well, too…not that we ever have any extra!

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