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How to cook hard boiled at 5000 ft:Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm going to tell you how to cook hard boiled eggs. It's really easy! So first, fill a pot with water and bring it up

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How to cook hard boiled at 5000 ft

I know you have a go-to method of making hard boiled eggs – me too! For decades I used the same method that I grew up with – boil the dog-wallop out of them, then refrigerate. Anyone can make a hard-boiled egg, right? It was years before I learned that yolks should remain a bright yellow color and not turn olive green after boiling.

The perfect hard-cooked egg

Now my criteria for the perfect hard-cooked egg is:

Reading: how to cook hard boiled at 5000 ft

  • both the yolk and white should be cooked through, but not tough
  • no green coating around the yolk!
  • relatively easy cooking process
  • cooked eggs should be easy to peel
the perfect hard-cooked egg

In search of the best cooking method

For our high mountain elevations, I explored four methods for hard-cooked eggs at high altitude. In my analysis, the method that consistently produced outstanding hard cooked eggs was the steamed method from Cook’s Illustrated magazine.

What about using an Instant Pot?

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I’m also a big fan of hard-cooked eggs in an Instant Pot. The eggs are perfect every time and all you have to do is:

  • set them at high pressure for 5 minutes (don’t forget that you’ll have 10 minutes to get the pot up to pressure),
  • 3-5 minutes of natural release, then
  • 10 minutes in an ice bath.
Instant Pot

Still…I prefer steaming for hard-cooked eggs because it takes about the same time and I don’t have to drag out my Instant Pot.

Food safety tips

Wearing my food safety matter what cooking techniques you use hard-cooked eggs should be stored in the refrigerator within 2 hours of cooking. Yes, this means that hiding your colored, hard-cooked eggs for an Easter egg hunt can be unsafe. It would be better to let the kids hunt the plastic eggs instead of the real eggs. This also prevents you from the nasty surprise of finding a random undiscovered hard-cooked egg in your sofa next June.

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Eat the hard-cooked eggs within a week and use an ice pack if you are packing them in a lunch box.

Easier peeling

For the easiest egg peeling, use your oldest eggs. Eggs have a membrane inside the shell that forms an air pocket. As an egg ages, this air pocket expands making it easier to peel after hard-cooking.

Funny quick-peel video

My favorite way to hard-cook eggs in the Boat is to steam them for 17 minutes. Give this steam method a try and then leave a comment to let me know if it works at your altitude. I’d love to hear about your experience and exactly how long you steamed your eggs.

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