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how to cook hard boiled eggs with a device | Family Cuisine

Now that you know how to cook hard boiled eggs with a device, you will be able to enjoy the perfect egg every time!

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How to cook hard boiled eggs with a device

There are plenty of ways to get great boiled eggs.


Deviled egg season is upon us, meaning you once again have to face off against cooking the egg. It’s a seemingly simple task to hard-boil an egg, but nonetheless it has a tendency to be wrought with inconsistency and frustration.

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Under- or over-cooked, mysteriously green egg yolk, or hard to peel eggs are traps that even experienced cooks can fall into.

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Before you find yourself in an eggshell graveyard, cursing the devil and his eggs for being an irresistible potluck snack that you just can’t quit, consider these eight methods for making the perfect hard-boiled eggs that should take some of the fiery hellscape out of your deviled egg experience.

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Old fashioned methods: To submerge or not to submerge

If you’re a cooking purist that isn’t interested in gadgets to get the job done, there are two stovetop methods to consider using your most basic cooking tools: pot, timer and slotted spoon. Believe it or not, perfect boiled eggs are within your old-school heart’s reach.

1. Begin with eggs submerged

Beginning with your large eggs already submerged in cold water and then bringing them via high heat to a boil allows eggs to cook more slowly and with less risk of cracking. Belly Full suggests a process whereby the pot is covered and taken off the heat once the water boils, with a longer cooking time – about 12 minutes – to achieve firm but creamy yolks. (Timings are also offered for soft-boiled eggs.) Delicious Meets Healthy offers a similar process but where the pot is kept on the heat for a quicker outcome: hard-boiled in 6 to 7 minutes.

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In either case you’ll want to have an ice water bath handy for shocking the eggs to stop the cooking process and make the eggs easier to peel. (Or, pro tip: add a little baking soda to the water which will also help eggs peel more easily.)

Let your appliances be your guide

Maybe you have become a little too hard-boiled yourself to rely upon basic stovetops methods. You know yourself well, and you’re going to need a little help. Fortunately, any number of gadgets you’ve collected over the years may be put to employment for the outcome of perfectly boiled eggs.

Egg-cellent, egg-specific appliances

Because it is the 21st century, and of course you can invest in gadgets that are specifically designed for eggs and eggs alone.

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This article was originally written by Pamela Vachon.

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