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Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup that typically includes tripe, hominy, and pork. It's traditionally made with tomato sauce but can also be made without it.

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How to cook pork menudo without tomato sauce

This is a classic Pork Menudo recipe made with fresh tomatoes. The pork and liver are seared for added depth of flavor then slowly cooked in a special marinade until meltingly tender. A perfect dish for your weekly meals, family gatherings, or even special occasions.

Pork Menudo no tomato sauce

Filipino Pork Menudo Recipe

After countless tries of making Pork Menudo, I have finally found my favorite variation. And I still can’t believe that it finally came down to using fresh tomatoes. I truly loved how this turned out!

Reading: how to cook pork menudo without tomato sauce

  • The menudo sauce packed with umami flavor. It is not sour nor acidic.
  • The pork is tender and goes so well with the sauce and vegetables.
  • The liver is tender and has a perfect bite (I don’t like overcooked liver).

Pork Menudo Ingredients

The classic trio of potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers are the basic vegetables for Menudo. To make it more festive on special occasions, green peas, garbanzos, and raisins can be added too.

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And no, I personally don’t like hotdogs in my Menudo but you can definitely add it if preferred.

Soy sauce and calamansi are commonly used. In this recipe, I used Worcestershire with soy sauce and garlic. I love how the combination completely elevated the overall flavor of Pork Menudo. It’s so good!

How to make a delicious and flavorful Pork Menudo

  • Choose the right cut of pork: For a perfect balance of meaty texture and flavor, I like combining pork shoulder (kasim) or pork butt (pigue) with pork belly (liempo). These cut of meat are not too tough and when slowly cooked it becomes tender and so flavorful.
  • Marinate the pork and sear until brown: After sauteing the aromatics, add the marinated meat to the pot and let it brown. This locks in the flavor of the marinade to the meat.
  • Let the tomatoes softened and release its natural juices BEFORE adding the water. This deglazes the pan and makes the stew rich and more flavorful. I recommend using plump and ripe tomatoes for a sweeter sauce.
  • Pan-fry the liver with its marinade in a separate pan. This enhances its creamy and sweet flavor and prevents it from overcooking. Tender pork livers are way better than overcooked.
Pork Menudo with no tomato sauce

Bonus prep tips!

To save time, prepare the meat first and marinate with the sauce then proceed with preparing the rest of the ingredients.

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Cut meat in small cubes about 2 inches. Not only it is the classic way of making Menudo but it also lessens the cooking time. Remember the thicker the cut the longer the cooking time.

Serve and Storage

Pork Menudo is best served with warm rice. Just like adobo, it becomes even better the next day because the flavors have already developed.

Store leftovers in an airtight container. Menudo should last in the fridge for 3 to 5 days if properly stored. Re-heated menudo must be consumed and must not be stored and re-heated again for safety reasons.

Watch the video how to make Pork Menudo

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