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Rib tips are typically the most expensive cut of beef on the market, but it's worth it. Here is how to cook them on the grill.

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How to cook rib tips on the grill

Tender BBQ Rib Tips with a crispy crust and tender, juicy meat

Juicy Barbecue Pork Rip Tips, made on my charcoal grill!

Recently my “younger” brother & his family came to visit. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that every my baby bro ( he’s almost 26, but I still call him my baby ) comes to town, I have to cook for him. Well the first night that he was here I made him his favorite meal: Mac n Cheese, fried chicken, and peas… The second day, I fired up the grill and made some of the most juiciest barbecue rib tips EVER!

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These pork ribs are grilled to perfection

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I made pork rib tips, although you can can use beef. I started off with my homemade barbecue rub, and I generously seasoned the meat.

Perfectly grilled smoked pork ribs are the key to this BBQ rib tips recipe

Once the meat was seasoned I made a simple “barbecue mop”, and I grilled the ribs using indirect heat

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No BBQ sauce needed for these perfectly grilled and seasoned BBQ pork ribs

It took me about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to make these ribs. Although these ribs took a lot of time, they were super easy to make. If you a “unseasoned” griller ,you should definitely start off with this recipe.

Keep in mind that you can use this recipe for chicken as well.

Barbecue Rib Tips

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