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In this recipe, spaghetti is cooked with a white sauce that includes butter and flour. The sauce can be made by combining milk or cream with a roux of butter and flour whisked together in a pan before adding the pasta to it.

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How to cook spaghetti with white sauce

From time to time, I have burgers and pasta cravings. For burgers, I know what I am looking for – meaty, juicy, cheesy and big burgers – it can be from any fast-food chain or restaurants. When the craving is really bad, I can settle with any burger. But when I say I am craving for pasta, I don’t mean the pasta from the restaurants. I want the Filipino Spaghetti with Creamy White Sauce that I always make.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with restaurant pasta. In fact, I have a few favorites that I’d want to eat, but I don’t crave them as much as I crave for my pasta.

Reading: how to cook spaghetti with white sauce

There’s nothing really special or a huge secret on how to make this pasta, maybe this is one of the dishes which my family and friends remember me. I guess that’s what makes this (and any dish) special. You know, when people say “Hey, this is one of Jhuls’ signature dishes.” I am not saying that this is the BEST pasta in the world, but in my world (and I hope my family’s, too) this is the best.

I was not planning on posting a recipe for this, but when I posted a photo on my Instagram account last week, many have asked for the recipe, so here I am. 😀 I’ve already shared a recipe of my Filipino pasta with white sauce before – this version is slightly different but equally delicious.

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On to the pasta…

The Filipino version of pasta doesn’t need making the sauce from scratch; we use the readily available in the grocery that’s labeled “spaghetti sauce”. Filipino spaghetti sauce varies from sweet style, Italian and Filipino-style (I think the combination of sweet & Italian). Some have parmesan mixed in the sauce, cheese or mushrooms. Unlike the Italian style pasta, the Filipino version is sweet.

Aside from the spaghetti sauce in pouches, I also use banana ketchup in my sauce and cheddar cheese. For the meat, I use ground beef and sometimes add hotdogs. Some version has sugar or condensed milk, I don’t usually add them to mine.

And that was the Filipino style spaghetti – with sweet red sauce. (I have a slightly different recipe here by using the pasta water with the sauce.) But hey, we can level up and add white sauce, right?

For the white sauce, I use Nestle all-purpose cream (it is widely used in the Philippines), evaporated milk, more cheddar cheese, (of course) salt & pepper, and the not so secret ingredient is bottled (processed) cream cheese. Maybe for some places, this is not bottled – it’s the “spreadable cream cheese”. You can also add garlic and onion powder, but I mostly skip these. If you want a sweeter version of this sauce, add condensed milk (to taste). I’ve tried it and my family loves it. I should also make it for my friends and see what they think.

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To serve, just mix your pasta, red & white sauce plus add LOTS of cheese! Now, imagine eating a forkful of this creamy, delicious pasta. Yummy, right? 😀

I hope you can try the recipe and let me know. I’ve shared a video on my YouTube channel. Please don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you there! 😉

Thanks a bunch for spending your precious time with me!

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