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how to cut leeks for potato leek soup

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How to cut leeks for potato leek soup

In this tutorial, I’ll stroll you with just how to cleanse as well as cut leeks. Frequently leeks will certainly have dust as well as particles captured in the internal layers of the veggie. This very easy technique will certainly enable you to cleanse the leeks as well as cut them right into rings or slim strips, julienne design. I have actually likewise offered a little leek background, for those that wonder concerning this onion-like veggie!

Two leeks on a marble board with julienne slices and rings of leek beside them.

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Background of Leeks

Leeks are participants of the onion family members. Timeless Romans as well as Greeks were really keen on leeks. Roman Emperor Nero gained the label Porrophagus, or “leek eater,” after he required to consuming them in big amounts in order to enhance his vocal singing voice. The Greeks as well as Romans applauded leeks, while regarding garlic as well as onions fit just for the much less privileged.

The old Roman recipe book Apicius consists of 4 private dishes for leeks, while just requiring garlic as well as onions in little amounts as flavors. Today onion as well as garlic are a foundation in the majority of mouthwatering dishes, whereas leeks are not virtually as usual. Times have actually absolutely altered!

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Some chroniclers think that the Romans presented leeks to Britain as well as at some point Wales. An old story declares that the Welsh, that made leeks their “national emblem,” put raw leeks right into their hats throughout the 7th century Fight of Heathfield to make sure that the soldiers can conveniently compare their allies as well as opponents. Did the Welsh victory over the Saxons because of their very own stamina, or since the effective smell of raw leeks assisted them to recognize pal from enemy? We might never ever recognize.

What we do recognize is just how to prepare leeks for usage in dishes! The difficulty with leeks is the dust as well as particles that obtains captured inside their several layers as well as leaves. There is a straightforward option to obtaining every one of that dust out as well as cutting your leeks for food preparation. All you require is a sharp blade, a dish of water, as well as a bowl-shaped sieve. Below’s just how!

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Bowl-shaped Sieve

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