How to dry leaves to make tea

Leaves are a wonderful way to make tea. There is no other plant that can be used for making tea in such a wide variety of ways. While some people may prefer their leaves loose, others like them in a bag or even as

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How to dry leaves to make tea

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You’ve got grown herbs for natural tea or tisane, and also you’re now prepared to reap them and dry them. However what’s the greatest methodology for drying herbs? Do you have to dry them in your oven? Do you have to purchase a dehydrator? Do you have to merely air dry?

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The excellent news is that drying herbs for tea is comparatively easy, however try to be conscious that some strategies are higher than others. I am going to talk about every of the methods to dry your herbs, and you may determine what’s best for you.

What Is Tisane?

“Tisane” is the time period for natural tea or tea made out of something apart from the Camellia sinensis plant or tea plant. “Tea” solely comes from the Camellia sinensis.

Gathering Your Herbs

When you’re gathering herbs from your individual backyard, accomplish that round mid-morning after the dew has dried however the solar hasn’t bleached out the important oils in them. Vegetation like basil, oregano, mint, and thyme ought to be lower to incorporate branches in order that when you determine to make use of the easy air-dry methodology, you possibly can tie the branches collectively and grasp them. When you’re planning on utilizing a dehydrator, the branches can even maintain tiny leaves, like that of the thyme plant, from falling via the drying racks.

I like to recommend rinsing the herbs in clear water to take away bugs and particles from them, however when you develop your herbs with out pesticides, chances are you’ll decide to easily dry them with out washing them. I wash them in clear water as a result of they are going to be dried anyway, so the water will not actually matter.

Air Drying Herbs: A Low-Value Methodology

The most cost effective and simplest way for drying is utilizing the air to dry your herbs. Collect the herbs right into a bundle with the lower stems going through the identical approach and use twist ties, wire, string, or rubber bands to tie the stems collectively. When you dwell in a very dusty local weather or have a wooden range, you will most likely need to tie a paper or grocery bag loosely across the herbs and poke holes in them to permit air flow. When you dwell in a comparatively clear place with not plenty of mud, cheesecloth works nicely.

Grasp the herbs on the wall in a heat place stems up. How lengthy it’ll take to dry out is dependent upon the temperature of your home and the humidity. The decrease the humidity your air is, the extra doubtless your herbs will dry shortly. Heat and dry is greatest. I found this fairly accidentally in the summertime once I left some catnip on a desk. A number of weeks later when I discovered them, the catnip was dry sufficient to retailer.

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Verify in your herbs incessantly. The herbs should not have any pliability and may break simply in your palms when dry. (The stems could also be pliable or utterly dry, relying on how lengthy you dry your herbs.) Take away the paper bag and untie the bundle. Strip the leaves from the stems over a plate. Pour the dried herbs in an hermetic container.

Utilizing a Dehydrator

The most effective methodology I’ve discovered in relation to drying herbs is utilizing a dehydrator just like the Nesco dehydrator I take advantage of. The plus aspect is that you just get constant outcomes and almost good outcomes each time. The dangerous information is that these value wherever from $40 to $200, relying on the make and mannequin you select. Nonetheless, when you’re planning on drying extra than simply herbs occasional (they make fruit leather-based, jerky, and dried vegetables and fruit easy), it’s going to be value it to make the leap. It provides you an additional possibility for meals preservation.

Utilizing the dehydrator is straightforward. Set your herbs within the trays and depart a bit of room for air circulation between branches and leaves. Set the dehydrator to 135ºF and place the trays within the dehydrator. Depart within the dehydrator till the herbs are dry – from 12 to 24 hours. Unplug the dehydrator and let cool for a number of hours. Take away the dried herb leaves from stems and retailer in an hermetic jar.

Drying Herbs within the Oven

Dehydrating herbs within the oven will certainly warmth up your home and can use plenty of electrical energy or fuel, relying on what kind of range you’ve got. Alternatively, if it is all you’ve got, or when you solely dry herbs sometimes, this can be a extra viable possibility for you.

You may should get your oven to about 135ºF—one thing most ovens do not get low sufficient to do—so you will should put your oven on the bottom temperature, flip it off when it reaches the bottom temperature, and use a thermometer to find out when it reaches 135ºF and the way lengthy it stays that approach. You may even have to determine a approach to supply air circulation.

Experiment along with your oven and see when you can at the very least preserve a temperature vary between 100ºF and 145ºF. You will have to prop the door open to maintain the oven from getting too scorching and switch the herbs over for even drying.

Drying Herbs within the Microwave

I do know that this can be a favourite of many of us, however after having lit my herbs on hearth, I am type of leery about utilizing a microwave for drying herbs. You possibly can strive it by wrapping the herbs in paper towels (once more, flammable) and microwaving on excessive for a minute. Allow them to cool for about 30 seconds. Then microwave them once more on excessive for 30 seconds. You may need to repeat the cool 30-second cycle and microwave on excessive for 30 seconds till they’re dry. (Verify the herbs in between cycles.)

This methodology is not notably good at drying. You may have higher success with air drying by hanging the herbs or utilizing a dehydrator.

Storing Tisane Herbs

When your herbs are utterly dry, maintain them over a plate and strip the leaves from the stems. The plate ought to catch any herbs that fall whilst you’re pulling them off the stem.

You’ll want to retailer your tisane herbs in an hermetic container corresponding to a recycled glass jar or a mason jar. Verify on the herbs the subsequent a number of days to see if there may be any moisture current. If there may be, you could take them out and dry them some extra. When you enable your tisane herbs to remain within the jar whereas moist, you’ll quickly have mildew and should throw them out.

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The herbs will preserve greatest when saved in a darkish place, away from gentle. You possibly can then take pleasure in your tea within the upcoming months.

What to Do with These Stems

When you dry herbs with the stems, likelihood is you’ve got plenty of stems. You possibly can throw them out, however you may as well use them.

  • Burn the herb stems in a hearth or wooden range within the winter for a aromatic contact.
  • Add them to your potpourri.
  • Weave them into fall wreaths so as to add perfume.
  • Grind them and use that as a powdered type of the herb.

Questions & Solutions

Query: After the leaves are dry, is it greatest to crumble them, or do entire leaves make higher tea?

Reply: You are able to do both. When you crumble them, it’ll make a stronger tea. Plus a teaspoon of crumbled herbs may have extra herbs than a teaspoon of entire leaves, so it’ll naturally be stronger.

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