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how to fix hard boiled eggs in oven | Family Cuisine

Fixing hard boiled eggs in the oven is simple and easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:
how to fix hard boiled eggs in oven | Family Cuisine

Do you know how to hard boil eggs in the oven? Okay, so it’s more like hard baked eggs… But seriously, baked hard boiled eggs is one of the easiest methods ever and ideal for making big batches!

baked hard boiled eggs in a muffin tin

Baked Hard Boiled Eggs

I’ve tried a lot of methods for cooking hard boiled eggs over the years, but my favorite method doesn’t actually involve boiling the eggs at all… I BAKE my “hard boiled” eggs in the oven. So maybe hard baked eggs would actually be a better term, ha!

I know it sounds a little strange, but bear with me for a moment… You see, we eat a LOT of hard boiled eggs. With only 70 calories and around 6 grams of protein each, eggs are a nutritional powerhouse. I make around 2 dozen at the start of each week for the seven of us, and we eat them for breakfast, snack on them, or slice them over salads throughout the week.

But here’s the problem… Have you ever had to sit around and wait for a pot of water to boil that’s big enough to cook 2 dozen eggs? UGH, it takes FOR-EVER!!! And don’t even get me started on how hard it is to time them just right to avoid those icky green, over-cooked yolks. Yuck!

Yeah, I definitely needed a better method in short order…

(Update 2/20/17: Since originally writing this post, I’ve fallen in love with my Instant Pot. Frankly, if you own one, these Instant Pot hard boiled eggs are for sure THE way to go for effortless hard boiled eggs. But I still wholeheartedly stand behind this boiled eggs in oven method for those of you that haven’t invested in one yet!)


2| Hard baked eggs cook more slowly and evenly, meaning you never end up with green yolks.

3| And they’re easy to peel! I’ve tried scores of methods for how to make hard boiled eggs easy to peel, but baking them has always worked the best for me.

So what do you think — are you ready to learn how to bake hard boiled eggs?!

boiled eggs in oven eggs in a water bath

How To Hard Boil Eggs In The Oven

Baking hard boiled eggs in the oven couldn’t be easier. Just preheat the oven to 325 degrees, arrange your cold eggs in a muffin tin, and bake for 30 minutes. This basic mini muffin tin is my favorite for this purpose, but you can use a regular muffin tin, as well.

Note: I’ve seen other sites recommend that you just place the eggs directly on the wire racks in the oven. DON’T DO IT!!! Some eggs are just too small, and imagine the mess that you’re risking if one slips between. NO THANK YOU — this is one instance where I’m more than willing to wash an extra pan.

When the timer goes off, remove the baked hard boiled eggs from the oven and immediately submerse them in an ice water bath for about 10 minutes. If you’re wondering, “What’s an ice water bath?” — just know that it’s simply a large bowl filled with ice water.

Oh, one more thing… You may notice some brown spots on the eggs when you remove them from the muffin tin, especially if you’re using white eggs. It’s just where the eggs have been resting in the muffin tin. No worries — they will rub off in the ice water bath.

how to hard boil eggs in the oven

Boiled Eggs In Oven

That’s it — so easy! Boiled eggs in the oven yields amazingly perfect hard cooked eggs every time, and this is a fantastic method for making large batches all at once. Beyond just meal prep, think Easter, deviled eggs for cookouts, egg salads, etc.


  • However, I don’t recommend peeling your eggs if you’re not planning to use them right away. Peeling them under cold water will help the shell fragments slide away.
  • Unpeeled hard cooked eggs can be refrigerated for up to a week after cooking. Peeled eggs should be eaten the same day they’re peeled.

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Need to use up some extra hard cooked eggs in a hurry? This simple & classic egg salad recipe is absolutely the way to go!

I’d love to see how your baked hard boiled eggs turn out… Tag me @Unsophisticook on Instagram or use the hashtag #Unsophisticook so I can check it out. Enjoy!

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