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Frying a Cornish hen is easy. You need to coat the chicken in flour, salt, and pepper before dipping it in egg and then rolling it in cornmeal. Then you can fry your chicken on medium-high heat for about

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How to fry a cornish hen

These deep fried cornish game hens are cooked up southern style.Crispy Southern Style Deep Fried Cornish Game Hens!

During the holidays, I usually make a huge feast. I’m talking greens, yams, potato salad, turkey, ham.. The WORKS! I don’t hold anything back! Many of my family members love to come by, and grab a plate or two, so I make sure to have plenty of food available. This year, I’m taking it easy( well, almost…). Instead of making a huge turkey, and gigantic ham. Instead I’ll be making cornish hens!

These deep fried cornish game hens are crisp to perfection and pair well with any side dish.

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Now don’t get all bent out of shape y’all! I won’t be making your every day seasoned and baked cornish game hens. I will be making my southern style deep fried cornish hens recipe this holiday season!

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To get started, I simply brine the hens in a simple salt & sugar water mixture.. You know, just like I use for my crispy old fashioned chicken wings. The sugar & salt water brine works like a buttermilk brine, however it’s cheaper, and in my opinion- BETTER! For best results, DO NOT skip the brining step!

These deep fried cornish game hens are perfect for your holiday menu this season.

Once the hens are brined, I rub them down with ground freshly ground herbs & garlic. I then season the cornish game hens with kosher salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. FYI, the cayenne pepper can be omitted.

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My fried cornish hens recipe is super easy. If anything, it’s time consuming ( because of the brining..)

Check out how I make these cornish game hens y’all!

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Deep Fried Cornish Game Hens

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