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My grandmother used to fry banana chips in a pan with no oil, and then sprinkle them with sugar. Not only did they taste amazing but they also looked beautiful.

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How to fry banana chips

Banana Chips/ Crisps recipe- A healthy homemade snack using just 2 main ingredients -Raw banana and coconut oil. Crispy raw banana wafers, fried in coconut oil.

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An Indian home made Snack-Banana chips / Banana crisps 🍌

Banana chips are quite a famous snack in Southern part of India, and they are healthier alternative to the potato are easily available in stores in India, and even in UK.

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I have seen the sweet versions in the superstores, and the regular savoury version in Asian stores (in the UK), but I’m sure the store options have preservatives, and loads of sodium , high levels of unsaturated fats and a large amount of so healthy for a healthy snack! Isn’t it ?

So I wanted to try these at home, to make a healthier version. Though the amount of calories will be high in the home version as well, but anything home cooked, is way much better in terms of taste and nutrition than the store bought versions.

I tried both the fried and the baked versions. I have not achieved great results in the baked version , so as of now I’m following and sharing the fried version only.

I found many recipes for banana chips on the internet, and liked quite a few. I tried making these at home 2-3 times to perfect these, and these were really easy to make, and turned out really well.

Banana Chips -Version for Navratri snack or fasts and festivals 🎊

Banana chips are something that can also be had during fasting period – during navratri can make a big batch of these a day in advance and store them in airtight containers.

For fasting. instead of regular salt, you can use rock salt, and add no turmeric (if you do not use turmeric during fasting)

Banana chips also make a great kids packed lunch treat🍽

These are also a great snack for kids, and can be added to their packed lunch.

Below I have suggested different seasonings that can be added to alter the taste of the chips as per your liking. There is a sweet version specifically for kids:)

How to make Banana chips / crisps at home- Cooking instructions 👨‍🍳

For making banana chips, you would need a few raw banana’s , also called plantains, or green bananas, along with some oil to fry these.

Authentically in south India, banana chips are fried in coconut oil, but if you do not cook in coconut oil, or do not prefer the taste of coconut oil, you can use the regular cooking oil.

I would still recommend, making these in coconut oil, as it is much more healthier option, and of course it enhances the flavour of the chips.

Don’t worry, you will not get the typical coconut oil smell, but yes the coconut oil does add to the taste.

Which coconut oil i use ? 🥥

I use EV , cold pressed organic Vita coco coconut oil. This is easily available in any of the grocery stores, or even amazon.


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Slicing the raw banana

You need to trim both ends/edges of the banana’s, make a long slit in the skin, and peel off the banana skin. Once done , wash the bananas in water, and slice them using a Slicer.

You need very thin slices, so I suggest using a slicer to slice . It gives really thin slices like that of crisps.

banana chips

banana chips

Slice the bananas in iced water, and keep in the water for 7-10 minutes. There after, take out the slices, and spread them on kitchen towel.

Once sliced, I keep them on a kitchen towel, in a single row, so that any excess water is absorbed.

banana chips

banana chips

banana chips

banana chips

Extra tips when making banana chips at home 📝

1.Use a slicer to get evenly thin pieces of bananas.

2.While frying, do not add too many slices in a the hot oil, do not overcrowd the pan, else the chips will stick to each other.

3.Before frying, make sure the oil is hot enough and then fry the crisps on medium heat. Fry till the spluttering of oil, and water stops.

4. In my recipe, I make a mixture of salt and turmeric in water, and add this to the oil, while the banana chips are still frying, this ensures the salt and turmeric are evenly absorbed in the chips and give the chips a nice golden colour. The other option is to simple fry the chips, and once done, you can add salt separately.

Banana chips / crisps seasoning- savoury or sweet ?

You can season these using any seasoning of your choice- salt and pepper, salt and chilli, just salt, or to make the sweet version for the kids, just sprinkle a little icing sugar and cinnamon (or just sugar and a pinch of salt) and mix well.

This sweet version is really loved by the kids!

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banana chips or crisps
Banana chips / crisps recipe


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