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Fried Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe (Baid Maza3lil / Baid Mezaghlil)

How to fry boiled egg: Boil an egg for 8-10 minutes, then submerge the boiled egg in hot oil. Fry it on both sides until golden brown.

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How to fry boiled egg

Fried hard boiled eggs are hands down my brother’s favorite holiday food. I love them too, but he can put them away with alarming speed. We’ve had occasions where his plate is just a pile of yolks (he only eats the egg whites) with almost no other food on it. The almost unpronounceable Egyptian name for them is Baid Maza3lil (that “3” in the word represents a sound we don’t have in English that comes from inside the throat) or Baid Mezaghlil. Fried hard boiled eggs can also be found in many other cultures as well, such as in Asia or in the southern U.S., but no matter what you call them, fried hard boiled eggs mean that it’s Christmas or Easter at my house.

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Some people hate hard boiled eggs. I like them, but I can understand why they might turn some people off. On the other hand, I would suggest that people who don’t like hard boiled eggs might want to try these eggs. The reason is that when they’re fried a bit on the outside, the texture and flavor changes. These could be the hard boiled eggs that hard boiled egg haters love! Or not. Either way, try them first.At first glance, the “recipe” for making these bad boys might seem incredibly obvious and for the most part, it is. Hard boil some eggs and fry them up, right? Nonetheless, if you’re not careful with your technique and cooking times, you can end up with poor results. Over the years, we made some mistakes that can yield burned or rubbery eggs. What’s interesting is that despite the fact that these are fried eggs, the solid outer egg whites don’t seem to absorb much oil at all, which keeps the calorie count lower than one might expect from fried foods.

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Makes any number of large eggs at roughly 90 calories per egg. _______________________________

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