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Frying chicken wings in a pan is a fast and easy way to make them crispy. The key to frying chicken wings is to use cooking oil that has a high smoking point, which means it will not burn at the temperatures used for frying

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How to fry chicken wings in a pan

Pan fried chicken wings recipe that’s easy, simple, and quick. This stove top chicken wings come out with crispy skin, tender inside, juicy, packed full of flavor and so tasty. Serve as appetizers, or as the main dish with sides like mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, or dips.

pan fried chicken wings served on a white plate.

If you’re looking for how to cook chicken wings on the stove in 25 minutes or less and have a tasty one, then this recipe will not dissapoint.

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Pan frying is one of the easiest method of cooking wings. When i want to make crispy wings without the oven, it is my go to.

You will need a cast iron skillet, or a frying pan to make it.

Pan fried Chicken Wings Recipe

This pan fried chicken wings recipe is not only easy and quick but it is also healthy and delicious. You only need 2 tablespoons of oil to make it which makes it lower calories than deep fried.

Making pan fried chicken wings on the stovetop takes only 20 minutes and you have well cooked, juicy and delicious wings which makes this cooking method faster than oven baked, or grilled.

It requires few ingredients. Infact, just 3 pantry ingredients to season although you can add additional spices if desired.

This chicken wings is low carb, and keto.

It’s foolproof as i have made this a simple recipe that is easy to follow and you can’t go wrong with it if you follow the steps by steps.

cooked wings in pan and on a plate.

Stove Top Chicken Wings

When you know how to cook chicken wings on the stove top, you’ll find yourself making it often.

This stove top chicken wings is pan fried with no flour but you can also use this method for the ones coated in flour.

You can make variety of flavor by coating the wings in different sauces after cooking.


Chicken wings


Pepper – I used cayenne pepper but you can use black pepper or any dried pepper of your choice.

Onion granules – Substitute with onion powder.

Paprika – I used smoked papriika but you can use sweet.

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Oil – Sunflower, Vegetable or any oil with high smoking point.

ingredients for the recipe displayed.

How To Pan Fry Chicken Wings (Stove top Chicken Wings)

Prep the chicken – If the wings are not already cut, cut them into flat, tips and drummettes. Discard the tips as it’s not needed for this recipe.

Pat the flats and drummettes dry with a kitchen towel.

Season – Mix the paprika, onion granules, cayenne pepper, and salt. Add the mix with the wings into a bowl and mix till well combined.

seasoned wings in a bowl.

Pan fry – Add a large skillet on the stove over a medium heat, add the oil then arrange the chicken wings skin side down in the pan.

wings arranged skin side down in a skillet.

Fry for 10 minutes then flip to the other side and fry for another 10 minutes.

Check with the biggest piece to know if it’s cooked. It’s cooked if there is no blood around the bone and the juice run clear.

pan fried wings in a skillet.

Take off heat and leave to rest for few minutes.

In the skillet and garnished with parsley.

Serve – Serve as appetizers or with sides of choice.

How Long To Pan Fry Chicken Wings

For small sized wings that has been seperated into flats and drummettes, cooking it from fresh on the stove over medium heat, it takes a total of 20 minutes. You pan fry for 10 minutes on each side.

If using big sized chicken wings, you might need to add additional time to the cooking time. You can add ¾ cup of water in the pan after frying both sides and leave till the water dries up.

The juice in the chicken must run clear with no blood around the bone and the internal temperature when checked with a instant thermometer should be over 165F/75C.

displayed in the skillet and on a plate.


After pan frying wings, you can coat them in sauces to get different flavors. Some of the variations I like to make are:

Pan fried bbq wings– When they are cooked add in 2 tablespoons of homemade or store-bought bbq sauce, toss until the wings are well coated in it, and sear for a minute to two before taking off heat and serving.

Use the above method to make other variations like buffalo wings, honey soy, honey garlic and more.

What To Serve With

Chicken wings can be served with celery and carrot sticks as appetizers and are perfect for game days, and parties. They can also be served with other side dishes listed below:

Potatoes be it boiled, roasted, fried or mashed makes perfect side dish to

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Grains like rice, bulghur, couscous.

Vegetables are always a good option as they make healthy sides. Carrots, boiled broccoli, mixed vegetables are some tasty ones.

Dips – Dipping sauces for chicken wings include blue cheese dip, garlic parmesan, sour cream, buffalo sauce. They all go well with it and taste good.

Other sides to pair with are mac and cheese, burgers, pasta.

served in a white plate and garnished with parsley.

How To Store

To store leftover wings you’ll need to let them cool completely then pack into an airtight container or Ziploc bags, label and store in the fridge if you only want to store for few days or in the freezer if you’d like to store it for longer.

In the fridge, it will last up to 5 days at the right temperature.

In the freezer, it will last up to 6 months.

To reheat, reheat from frozen or you can leave in the fridge to thaw before heating.

It can be reheated in the pan on the stove, in a microwave, air fryer, or oven.

To reheat in a pan, add the wings in the pan, add a bit of water and cook on medium heat till warmed through and the water dries up.

Tips for Making Pan Fried Chicken Wings

  • Cut the chicken wings into flat and drummettes so they
  • Pat wings with a paper towel to dry them before seasoning. This is so the seasoning isn’t watered down.
  • You can cook straight away after seasoning or season and leave in the fridge overnight or season in the morning ready for dinner time. The longer you leave it, the better infused with the flavors.
  • Add any additional herbs or spices you like.
  • You can pan fry and finish cooking in the oven.
  • Stir in sauces like buffalo sauce, bbq sauce, for different flavor each time you make it.


Should i thaw chicken wings before frying?

Yes. Thaw first and pat dry before seasoning and frying. You can leave in the fridge overnight to thaw or to quickly thaw, put in water.

How do you keep chicken wings from sticking to the pan?

Don’t move them until after about 5 minutes when they will easily be able to move or flip without sticking to the pan.

pan fried chicken wings served on a white plate.

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