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I love this video because it shows how to fry cookie dough. It is a very easy and quick recipe, but the cookies turn out soft and delicious.

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How to fry cookie dough

Chocolate chip Fried Cookie Dough for the ultimate indulgent dessert!

Fried Cookie Dough

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Okay, I went there, y’all! I fried cookie dough! Yes…I battered and fried balls of chocolate chip loaded cookie dough and there’s no going back. Wow!

Fried Cookie Dough

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Talk about the ultimate indulgence! A thin layer of crispy sweet breading surrounds melting chocolate chip cookie dough that will literally make you weak in the knees.

Fried Cookie Dough

It’s super easy to make these little balls of fried bliss. You just mix together the cookie dough and freeze it in balls while you prep the batter and oil. Then it’s fry time…

Fried Cookie Dough

Once I fried and tasted my first one, I had to keep telling myself “just keep calm and fry on”! 😉 Mmmm-AZING!!

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Fried Cookie Dough

I have a feeling we’ll be frying cookie dough pretty frequently from now on! An experience I definitely want to experience over and over again!

Indulge & Enjoy!



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