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Frying fresh mushrooms is easy! They are a great addition to any dish.

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How to fry fresh mushrooms

Air Fryer mushrooms need just a few ingredients and take very little effort!

Mushrooms are seasoned and tossed with a bit of oil. Cook until tender and then toss with garlic butter. So simple.

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close up of Garlic Butter Air Fryer Mushrooms in a bowl

Enjoy these as a side or even as a snack dipped into homemade ranch dressing! They also make a great topper for grilled steak or on burgers!

Air Fryer Mushrooms

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Fried mushrooms are a go-to for us! This recipe takes those same ingredients and uses the air fryer for an effortless side dish!


MUSHROOMS This recipe works perfectly with white, button, baby bellas, crimini, and Portobello mushrooms.

SEASONINGS We coated ours with olive oil and soy sauce which adds both salt and color.

Garlic can burn at high temperatures so in this recipe, the garlic butter and parsley are added just before serving!

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Garlic Butter Air Fryer Mushrooms in the air fryer before cooking

How to Fry Mushrooms in the Air Fryer

  1. Whisk olive oil & soy sauce together and toss with mushrooms (per recipe below).
  2. Place mushrooms in the fryer basket for about 6 to 8 minutes, shake the basket after 4 minutes.
  3. Remove mushrooms, toss with garlic butter & garnish with parsley. Serve warm.

I almost always have a batch of homemade garlic butter on hand. You can use store-bought or simply mix a bit of salted butter with a small clove of garlic, a dash of lemon juice, and some fresh parsley.

cooked Garlic Butter Air Fryer Mushrooms in the air fryer


  • Start with clean mushrooms. Avoid soaking them or washing them too much. A quick rinse in a colander, gently brush off any dirt and pat them dry.
  • Don’t toss with the soy sauce until just before cooking.
  • For the best air fryer mushrooms, be sure to preheat the Air Fryer before cooking.
  • Avoid crowding the basket so they can get crispy all around. If cooking for a crowd, cook a couple of batches and then heat both for 1 minute or so before serving.

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Did you make these Air Fryer Mushrooms? Be sure to leave a comment and a rating below!

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