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How to fry lobster tails

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How to fry lobster tails

Looking for a rare treat? This Louisiana deep fried lobster will fill the bill.

Lobster tails deep fried with a coating of spicy cornmeal.

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Fried Lobster-You Bet!

Have you ever thought of frying lobster?

I never did since the thought never occurred to me. When I prepared lobster, it was broiled and served with lemon and butter. Now that’s very very good and I love it that way.

Recently, I saw a photo of fried lobster. Coated with cornmeal no less. Well, it looked delicious and I had some small lobster tails in the freezer so why not try it.

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This Louisiana deep fried lobster is a bit fussy to make, but I think it’s worth it. Once you try it, you will too.

Here’s a video on how to prep lobster tails if you don’t already know how.

Lobster tails deep fried with a coating of spicy cornmeal.

Bread With Cornmeal

This was the thing I found most interesting about this lobster dish.

I’ve seen cornmeal added to flour in some things for use as a coating, but I’ve never seen a “breading” that was almost totally cornmeal.

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It adds a delightful bit of crunch to the lobster. It also has a great flavor from the seasonings you put in. Keep in mind this has a little heat attached to it from the cayenne pepper. So if you only want a bit of zip without burning the house down, go easy with it. I’d suggest starting out with no more than 1/2 teaspoon in the coating. Put in 1/4 teaspoon then taste it. Just keep adding until you’ve reached the point where it’s got just enough zest for you. Of course, if you’re into heat, then use more!

Lobster tails deep fried with a coating of spicy cornmeal.

Frying And The Oil

OK this is where the fussy bit comes in. It’s not complicated, but it is time consuming.

Each lobster tail must be fried one at a time. The reason is you just can’t let the oil dip that much in temperature otherwise it won’t turn out right. The positive side of this is the lobster tails cook quickly. If you use small ones maybe six inches in length and about 4 ounces/115g, they only take 3 minutes to cook.

And sadly, this is one frying job where you just cannot recycle the oil, unlike with shrimp. It will be so dark and full of sediment from the cornmeal, that it’s impossible to use again. And since there’s no real way to get lobster tails completely dry, the oil will swell so make sure you use a deep pan (I used a high-sided 3 QT saucepan filled 1/3 up the side with oil) so the oil doesn’t boil over.

The Recipe

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