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Macaroni is a type of pasta. It's made from flour, eggs, and water. The dough is shaped into small balls and then rolled out to make thin sheets. They are then cut into different shapes before being cooked in boiling

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How to fry macaroni

Macaroni Stir fry also called Macaroni veggie Stir fry or fried macaroni is delicious, fast and easy to prepare and the perfect dish for the weeknights or when you have some left over ham from your Thanksgiving dinner.

macaroni stir fry

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This macaroni stir fry can very easily become a household favorite because it’s simply delicious. My kiddos love Mac and cheese but this macaroni stir fry is on a totally new level. I usually throw in any meats I have on hand like some chopped bacon, ham or even hot dogs. This makes the dish even more interesting. Think of this dish as the pasta version of the Nigerian Fried rice.

macaroni stir fry

What you need to make macaroni stir fry

  • Macaroni
  • Frozen or fresh Mixed veggies
  • Some ham or bacon ( optional but recommended to keep things more interesting)
  • Some cooking oil
  • Onions, spices and herbs
  • 30 mins or less of your time ?

macaroni stir fry

How to make macaroni stir fry

All you need to do is cook your pasta till just tender (al dente) not mushy.

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Sauté your veggies and add your macaroni. It’s that easy. See recipe section for full recipe details.

macaroni stir fry

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Besides Mac and cheese, macaroni stir fry, and Jollof pasta, how else do you make your pasta? A penny for your thoughts. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Macaroni Stir fry | Macaroni veggie Stir fry

Macaroni Stir fry | Macaroni veggie Stir fry

Macaroni Stir fry | Macaroni veggie Stir fry

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