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Frying onions for biryani is a process that can be done by either boiling or deep frying. Boiling involves placing the onions in water and bringing it to a boil before simmering, while deep frying uses oil as the medium.

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How to fry onions for biryani

Fried Onions recipe is a simple recipe on how to deep fry onions which is an essential ingredient that can be used in many dishes like biryani or curries or korma recipes.

There are certain spices or essential requirements that are a must learn and made at home for special rice delicacies and making them homemade is the best option for a better taste like frying onions for rice recipes or like homemade ginger garlic paste which gives out a better taste in main dish recipes…

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crispy fried onions spread on a plate

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About the recipe

In this recipe, I would like to show my readers how easy it is to deep fry them and an important ingredient to make rich dishes like korma recipes or biryani recipes such as Pakistani biryani, mutton biryani, Hyderabadi veg biryani recipe etc… where the dish is incomplete without adding the fried onions or birista as it is commonly called in the Urdu language.

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One more such dish where I have used these fried onions is chicken dum biryani and any more korma recipes.

If the onions are fried and kept in an airtight container then, they can be stored for few days and the deep-fried onions can be used in any recipe without wasting much time.

Apart from making this homemade stuff, it is also important to prepare freshly homemade spices to be used in cooking such as cumin powder and dhaniya powder which I always use homemade.

As they take a lot of time to be deep-fried especially, if they are fried in large quantity, it is better to make them in advance and store them for later use for many other recipes which require this ingredient.

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If slicing onions is a difficult task then there are lots of onion slicers available in the market which saves our time and tears… Watch this space as I will be showing many recipes using this ingredient and making delicious recipes…

crispy fried onions for biryani on a plate

It is also called as pyaz ka barista or onion barista for biryani…

Below I would be sharing how to deep fry onions for any biryani such as hyderabadi chicken biryani is a very easy procedure to follow.

Step by step with photos and procedure

  • Heat oil in a pan or a wok for frying the onions. Add a generous amount of oil to deep fry the sliced onions for biryani or korma recipes. The onion-flavoured oil does not go to waste as it can again be used in curries or gravies.
Heating oil in a pan or a wok
  • Here, I am using 2 large onions or if you have medium size onions then use 4… The onions after deep fried give about 1 cup of deep-fried onions which is enough to make 1 kg biryani or korma for 4-5 people.
showing sliced onions to fry
  • The onions are finely sliced and also should be thinly sliced lengthwise. If the sliced onions are thickly sliced then they take longer to deep fry as well as cannot be fried evenly. When the oil is hot, add the sliced onions into the hot oil carefully. If there are layers of onions then crush slightly with hand and drop them in oil.
adding the sliced onions into the hot oil carefully
  • Add all the onions or if frying in large quantity for storage purpose then fry them in batches.
Adding all the onions for frying
  • Take a skimmer and start frying them on medium heat initially. Use the spatula and keep stirring in between to fry the onions evenly.
onions started frying in oil
  • The onions after few minutes gather together as they start becoming soft and we need to keep mixing so that all the sliced onions are dipped in oil. This happens as you keep stirring.
onions cooking step
  • After 15 minutes as we keep frying, they almost reach a pink color and here we need to be careful. Immediately low down the heat.
step showing they are reaching a pink color
  • Keep stirring on low heat so that all the onions get fried evenly from all sides. If not stirred then they do not get evenly fried.
stirring in between
  • As soon as onions start getting golden it’s high time we are careful and start removing them immediately as they start getting darker quickly and give a burnt smell. Therefore, removing them at right time is extremely important. A slight delay in taking out can give us a dark colour fried onion and this point is high time while frying.
showing onions as done
  • Take them out with the help of a skimmer and place them on absorbent paper. Place all the fried onions on tissue paper so that the paper absorbs all the oil.
taking them out
  • Spread the onions on the paper and not place them on each other. Let them loose on the paper and leave them free to room temperature. After a certain point, they get a crispy texture. Thus, it gives us crispy fried onions which can be used for rich and nutritious recipes.

Note: If you leave them open to room temperature for a long time without letting loose we cannot obtain crispy fried onions and they appear to be sticky if touched with hands. Spreading them away loosely is an important part of making the recipe.

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