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How to fry whiting fillets:

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How to fry whiting fillets

This recipe for fried whiting fish is a basic Southern fried fish recipe. Beautifully panned fried with a super golden crust, moist and tender on the inside, and serves well for dinner or potluck.

Southern Fried Whiting Fish on a white plate.

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Fried chicken and fried fish are probably the first two dishes that’s on top of Southern cuisine. This pan fried fish is coated with a delicious seasoned flour and is pan fried within 10 minutes or less.

Hot or cold, this crispy fried whiting fish is always a crowd-pleaser.

With this pan-fried fish recipe, there’s no reason to bring out the deep fryer. Plus, it will take less time to cook the fish than the amount of time it will take you to wash and put away the deep fryer. No one really has time for that.

Why does this fry fish work?

What I like about whiting fish is that it’s really inexpensive. I often pick up a couple bags from Aldi for less than $7.00. It also pairs well macaroni and cheese.

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Serves well with a side of fries and steamed cabbage for a meal everyone will love!

Aside from being extremely easy to prepare, this recipe is gluten-free.

The fish is incredibly delicious and fries well in minutes. Not to mention, it compliments most food dishes and is easy to thaw if frozen.

What kind of fish is whiting?

Whiting is a Gadiformes (cod-like) fish. This slender, low in mercury fish occupies the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, including the North Sea on the East Coast of Britain.

Fried whiting fish recipe on white plate

How do you make Southern fried whiting fish?

The ingredients I used to make the fried whiting fish are – cornmeal, cayenne pepper, 1 cup gluten-free all-purpose flour, salt and pepper to taste, dried basil, and vegetable oil for frying.

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As you may notice from the ingredients list, I used a combination of flour and a cornmeal. However, if you do not have cornmeal, breadcrumbs will work as well.

You can alter the recipe in any way with the ingredients you have on hand. Make it your own – natural or dry herbs will also work. Feel free to also omit the cayenne pepper, or add more for an extra kick!

  • In a medium bowl, combine the cornmeal, cayenne pepper, all-purpose flour, salt and pepper to taste, and basil. Mix well and set aside (pic 1). Wash and lightly season the fish with salt and pepper.
  • Coat each fish one by one and set aside on a plate. Then fry the fish in small batches for 5 minutes per side. Repeat the steps with the remaining fish. Serve warm and enjoy!

Crispy fried fish

This Southern pan-fried whiting fish doesn’t get any easier than this. It pairs well with cauliflower and rice and beans. But, if you loved this Fried Whiting Fish Recipe, try this fish and chips recipe.

I would love to know if you made this Southern Fried Whiting Fish Recipe, please let me know how it turns out for you in the comments!

Also, tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see your beautiful dish. I hope you love it.

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