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Alfredo sauce is a creamy, buttery, and rich pasta dish that's made with just three ingredients--butter, flour, and milk. It can be baked or boiled to thicken the sauce. To bake Alfredo sauce

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Our family is a red sauce type of family. I was one of those odd gals in the university who has never tasted a white sauced pasta- or any other type of pasta that did not include red sauce- until college. To someone who has never had it before, it was sublime! With that impression, I immediately became obsessed with it until I ended up visiting this coffee shop every night and ordering pasta Alfredo for dinner for a month. When I left college, I had to learn to make it. My main dilemma, however, was how to thicken Alfredo sauce.

Learning How to Cook Pasta Alfredo


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After eating it from my favorite coffee shop all throughout my university years, finding one that would compare to that place was a challenge. Moving to a more sophisticated city to work did not give me a better tasting pasta Alfredo- more expensive but definitely not tastier.

Learning to make Alfredo sauce on my own became necessary, since it was my feel good food whenever I am feeling down. My favorite restaurant used to add bacon bits on top, and naïve to the nature of this food as I was; I thought it was the norm.

My initial attempts to cook pasta Alfredo were epic fails in terms of the texture. Modesty aside, it tasted way better than the one they serve at the pricey restaurant near my place, but the texture was awfully thin, which won’t work at all!

How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce

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This is definitely not a million dollar question, so making it happen really is not that hard. There are four methods that I have tried and have found them actually work for me, and to those people who has tasted them.

I will not be teaching you how to cook pasta Alfredo since I am assuming you already have a recipe of your own. The methods below can fix your too thin Alfredo sauce, though.

1. Flour Method


Using flour to thicken Alfredo sauce is easy. Also, this doesn’t really affect the taste of the sauce, but make sure you don’t use too much flour.

2. Cornstarch Method

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Some people do not like the idea of flour in their Alfredo sauce, thinking that it makes the sauce spoil faster, which is quite true. An Alfredo sauce with flour as a thickening agent tends to spoil faster, and somehow harder to bring back to life when reheating. So if you are planning to reheat leftovers for the following day, then you can use cornstarch and you should be fine.

3. Egg Yolk Method


Using an organic egg yolk to thicken Alfredo sauce is one of my favorites. In fact, adding egg yolk to any recipe with milk and cream milk work very well and serves to enhance the taste of the sauce.

4. White Cheddar Cheese Method


Since pasta Alfredo dinners are eaten on my cheat days, when I don’t have to feel guilty about my calories, the white cheddar cheese method is one my absolute favorites! Try to gauge how much cheese you will need. You can always add more if you feel that is not thick enough yet. Thickening Alfredo sauce is a lot easier than you think! One of the best things about an Alfredo sauce is that they are very easy to repair. If your sauce is too thin, try any of these methods to fix it. You can also combine the methods without ruining your sauce. Add more of the ingredients in your original recipe if you feel that the sauce has lost some of its flavors.

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