How to get soda in wacky wizards

Wacky wizards are a staple in many stores, but few know how to get soda without having to wait for it.

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How to get soda in wacky wizards

Time wanted: 10 minutes.

To get the Witches Brew in Wacky Wizards you’ll want to finish a small questline that requires you to speak to Glinda the Witch, and she’s going to ask you to create sure potions to get her brew going. When you’ve accomplished her requests, you can be rewarded with the Witches Brew ingredient!

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  1. Head to the Witch’s Cave

    Search for the desert space with the cacti to find the witch’s cave. You will note some practice tracks that lead right into a tunnel, and to the left of that would be the cave you could go into.

  2. Discuss to Glinda the Witch

    Glinda will clarify that her and her witch friends have crash landed within the desert and want your assist to get again dwelling. Inform her which you can assist her with that and she’s going to describe the primary potion you could carry to her.

  3. Create a Scorching Potion and Deliver it to Glinda

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    The primary potion that Glinda needs you to create is the Scorching Potion. All you will have to do is throw a pepper into your cauldron and seize the potion. Run again to Glinda and provides it to her!

  4. Create a Speedy Potion and Deliver it to Glinda

    Now that you just gave her a Scorching Potion to gentle up her cauldron, she’s going to say you could anticipate a bit. You don’t really want to attend, so simply discuss to her once more and she’s going to say it’s taking some time and to get her one thing to assist velocity it up. Now, all you could do is return to your cauldron and create a Speedy Potion. To make a Speedy Potion, simply throw in a Giraffe Hoof and create the potion. Deliver that again to Glinda!

  5. Receive the requested gadgets for Glinda

    That is the place issues is usually a bit complicated, as a result of she’s going to now request that you just receive three totally different gadgets for her however they don’t seem to be all the time the identical. She is going to ask you to get three of the next: Cactus Cat, Lava Flower, Frog, Jellyfish, or Cave Bat. Every merchandise is in a unique location, which we are going to listing under.

  6. The way to discover the Jellyfish

    The Jellyfish is positioned on the prime of the waterfall. So head over to the water space and swim up the waterfall, you don’t want a particular potion to achieve it. You will see the pink Jellyfish floating within the waterfall at close to the highest.

  7. The way to discover the Lava Flower

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    The Lava Flower might be discovered on the prime of the volcano. Simply seize a potion that can enable you float to the highest, one thing just like the Mermaid Potion is simple to get and simply requires the fish and fairy. You will see the Lava Flower within the volcano the place the smoke is popping out!

  8. The way to discover the Cave Bat

    The Cave Bat might be discovered within the cave that has a spider internet on the doorway, it’s near the racetrack. Simply run contained in the cave and look to your proper for the Cave Bat that must be caught to the highest of the wall within the cave.

  9. The way to discover the Cactus Flower

    This is likely one of the best to get! You may get the Cactus Flower within the desert space close to the grey wall on the left if you happen to’re dealing with in the direction of the witch’s cave.

  10. The way to discover the Frog

    The frog is one other fairly simple one to search out, you simply want to move over to the waterfall space and fly as much as the grey ledge that results in the waterfall. The frog can be on the sting closest to the waterfall.

  11. Full the Witches Brew

    When you give the final merchandise to Glinda, she’s going to try and create the potion that can assist her and her friends get away. Sadly, it gained’t work for them, however you get to have the Witches Brew you have been look to get anyway!

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