How to grind cinnamon sticks without a coffee grinder

Cinnamon sticks are a must-have ingredient in many baked goods, including cinnamon rolls. You can grind them up with a mortar and pestle or by using the back of a spoon to crush them into smaller pieces.

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How to grind cinnamon sticks without a coffee grinder

Grinding complete spices and herbs is the correct option to deliver out the important oils and deep flavors. However what occurs in case your spice grinder malfunctions or you don’t personal one whereas making a hearty meal that requires floor spices? Improvise.

You need to use a mortar and pestle, espresso grinder, smash your spices in a zip-lock bag with a blunt object, or use a Microplane grater. Relying on the spices you want, the next are among the hacks which have labored for me.

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Various Methods to Grind Your Spices

There are a number of substitute strategies of crushing spices with out a spice grinder. These strategies use instruments that you could be have already got in your kitchen.

  1. Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle are highly regarded home items to make use of when you should grind a small batch of spices. It’s excellent for crushing moist and dry spices like ginger and pepper.


  • Add the required quantity of herbs or spices into your mortar. Don’t overload the mortar.
  • Place your much less dominant hand over the mortar to behave as a lid and stop the spices from leaping out.
  • Take the pestle along with your extra dominant hand and pound and swirl, urgent the seeds laborious till they disintegrate.
  • Proceed pounding till you get the specified texture.
  • Nonetheless, this course of might not grind your cinnamon sticks into wonderful powder because of its fibrous nature.
  1. Espresso Grinder

A handbook or electrical espresso bean grinder is nice for pulverizing giant and dry spices comparable to cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, and cumin seeds, which might be labor-intensive for the mortar and pestle. The blades assist you to flip your spices into wonderful powders. Keep away from utilizing garlic, ginger, or salt with a espresso grinder. Salt might trigger rusting of the blades.


  • First, clear off all of the espresso residue from the espresso grinder, otherwise you’ll find yourself with coffee-flavored spices.
  • Pour your required quantity of spices into the espresso grinder, cowl it, and run your espresso grinder.
  • Combine the spices periodically till you attain a uniform consistency.
  • Bear in mind to totally clear off the spices to keep away from having meals spices in your subsequent cup of espresso.
  1. Meals Blender

Your meals blender is simply not for smoothies. The one flaw to this technique is you will have to grind much more spices than you might want as a result of the meals blender blades could also be too excessive from the bottom. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to all the time retailer the surplus spices for the following recipe.


  • Add your spices in a clear blender, ensuring the blades are in touch along with your complete spices and canopy with a lid.
  • Flip your blender on to medium pace or the grinder setting.
  • In case your blender doesn’t have the grinder setting, combine the spices with a spoon to have a uniform grind.
  • Completely clear your meals blender after use.
  1. Microplane Grater

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One other helpful kitchen instrument for bigger spices like cinnamon sticks, ginger, turmeric root is the Microplane grater. Happily, it comes with completely different sizes starting from wonderful to course, relying on what spice you need to use.


  • Firmly maintain the grater upright with one hand over a plate to maintain it stationary.
  • Glide the spice over the metal shaft on the grating aspect, shaving off tiny items.
  • Repeat the method till you get your required quantity of floor spice.
  • Watch out to not scrape your fingertips or knuckles over the holes on the grate.
  1. A Peppermill

A pepper mill grinder is great for grinding small quantities of grain spices like cumin seeds, peppercorns, coriander, and fennel seeds. You in all probability have one to your eating desk or the one which comes with black pepper. Additionally, take into account that a small-sized pepper mill might not grind massive spices.


  • Empty the pepper mill and clear it totally.
  • For greater spices like cinnamon sticks and nutmeg, you will have to cut them into smaller items first.
  • Add a small quantity of the spice you need and grind them on to a plate or saucepan.
  • To get finely-ground spices, you will have to place again the roughly grounded spices into the pepper mill and grind them once more.
  1. Butcher Knife

Should you would not have any of the above gear, you need to use nonetheless makeshift objects which might be out there in a really primary kitchen, together with a butcher knife or a wide-bladed knife. This course of is great for peppercorns, salt, and coriander.

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  • Pour a small variety of spices on a chopping board.
  • Place the knife on high of the entire spices with the blade flat in opposition to them.
  • Cowl the knife with a clear kitchen towel to stop the spices from spilling out.
  • Put your hand on high of the knife and apply strain whereas sliding it forwards and backwards to make sure correct grinding.
  1. Zip-lock bag and rolling pin/ empty wine bottle/ meat tenderizer mallet

Utilizing a zip-lock bag acts as a mortar and prevents the spices from scattering all around the kitchen.


  • Pour the wanted quantity of spices in a clear zip-lock plastic bag, take away all of the air, and shut it.
  • Lay the bag flat on a tabletop and unfold the entire spices thinly.
  • Take any blunt object comparable to a meat tenderizer mallet, hammer, frying pan, rolling pin, or an empty wine bottle and apply strain on the spices.
  • You can too gently whack the spices till they turn into evenly grounded.
  1. Two Saucepan Method

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You will want two saucepans of various sizes with a flat base


  • Take an enormous saucepan and thinly layer your complete spices within the saucepan
  • Take a smaller sauce and place it into the larger saucepan on high of the spices and begin making use of strain whereas sliding the smaller one in round motions.
  • Grind the spices till the pulverize to your required grind.
  1. Two Serving Spoons

Much like the 2 saucepan approach, you need to use two serving spoons for small portions comparable to salt and pepper.


  • Pour a small quantity of the spices of your selection on a serving spoon and place the opposite spoon on high.
  • Press them laborious collectively and rub the spoon on high in a round movement on the spices till they’re crushed.
  1. Mug and Rolling Pin

Should you would not have a mortar or a zip-lock bag, you need to use a mug as an alternative to gentle spices comparable to garlic, ginger, pepper.

  • Chop your spices first, then pour them in a sturdy espresso mug.
  • Utilizing one finish of a rolling pin, crush the spices gently to the feel of your liking.
  1. Mug and Chopping Board

This technique is messy, however for worse circumstances, it’s nonetheless environment friendly for grinding spices. Use a mug with a flat base or a hammer


  • Clear and sanitize your hammer with some vinegar.
  • Chop your greater spices like cinnamon sticks into smaller items with a knife.
  • Thinly unfold your spices and provides them an excellent smashing with the underside of the mug or hammer.

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Whereas these strategies are environment friendly, it’s best to get your self a spice grinder when you do that typically or must grind giant portions of complete spices. Spice grinders are inexpensive, and so they additionally assist to save lots of time throughout cooking and are handy for getting your required grind, which is coarse, medium, or wonderful.

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