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Honey mustard sauce is a condiment made with honey, Dijon mustard, and mayonnaise. It is often served on sandwiches or used as a dipping sauce for french fries or chicken nuggets.

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How to honey mustard sauce

This homemade Honey Mustard recipe combines only 4 ingredients to create that deliciously sweet and tangy dipping sauce that’s perfect for chicken, veggies, fries, and so much more! Love to dip? Make sure to make some of my favorite Chicken Nuggets with this sauce!

chicken nugget being dipped in honey mustard.

When I make chicken tenders or chicken nuggets for my boys (which happens often), it’s this honey mustard that I crave. It’s that perfect blend of mustard and honey that’s sweet and tangy in all the right ways!

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What Can You Do With Honey Mustard?

I think the better question is “what can’t you do with it?” This recipe makes a very versatile sauce that pairs really well with many different things, including veggies, chicken and other proteins.

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Tip: You can even use it as your new favorite salad dressing! If you feel that this sauce is too thick to use as salad dressing, all you have to do is add just a little more vinegar to thin it out.

Here are some additional ideas for using this honey mustard recipe.

  • Dipping sauce for chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, fries, roasted potatoes, zucchini fries, pretzels, and veggies
  • Salad dressing (my kids eat so much more salad with honey mustard!)
  • Marinade for chicken, tofu, and pork
  • Spread on wraps and sandwiches
honey mustard in bowl with spoon.

Ingredients Needed:

This sauce is SO easy to make, and you only need 4 ingredients which you probably already have in your kitchen! Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Yellow mustard – depending on the flavor you prefer, you can also use Dijon mustard (see additional notes about substituting mustard below!).
  • Honey – provides that perfect flavor to complement and sweeten the mustard and vinegar.
  • Apple cider vinegar – the sweetness of this type of vinegar is perfect for creating a delicious and versatile sauce.
  • Cayenne pepper (optional) – adds a punch of heat if you like a little spice.
honey mustard ingredients in bowls.

How to Make This Honey Mustard Recipe

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As with almost all sauces, this one couldn’t be easier to make! It’s just one…two…done in 5 minutes or less! As quick as this recipe is to make, it tastes so delicious that it will probably disappear even faster!

  1. Whisk together all ingredients in a small bowl until well combined.
  2. Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.
ingredients being mixed together in clear bowl.

Honey Mustard Recipe FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

chicken nuggets being dipped in honey mustard sauce.

Storage Instructions

You probably won’t have this sauce last very long, but if you find yourself with leftovers, it’s safe to keep it in an air-tight container in your fridge for up to 2 weeks.

If you love honey mustard, now you can make it yourself and always have it on hand with this super simple recipe that only uses 4 ingredients.

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How To Make Honey Mustard

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