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how to infuse spice into hard boiled eggs | Family Cuisine

This is a recipe for hard boiled eggs with a sweet and spicy flavor. They are easy to make, and perfect for any brunch or breakfast dish!

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How to infuse spice into hard boiled eggs

Hard or soft-boiled eggs are soaked in liquid spiked with spices and soy sauce that gives you beautiful dark brown eggs

Spiced boiled eggs (Telur Kecap) #boiledeggs #eggs #recipe

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One of the things that mom taught me how to make before I moved to Minnesota Spiced Boiled Eggs. It’s one of my favorites and mom made them often to accompany our meals or as snacks.

Spiced boiled eggs (Telur Kecap)#boiledeggs #eggs #recipe

Dad loved his hard-boiled eggs like really hard and dark in color and so mom’s recipe took about 2 days to infuse all that flavor and color into the eggs. I used to make it the way mom does, but now I shortened the time though. I just soaked the eggs in the liquid for 12 hours and it gives me great result too. I think the colors are dark enough for me and I can taste the spices too. I used dark soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce. A little bit of cheating but hey, it works 🙂

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Spiced boiled eggs (Telur Kecap) #boiledeggs #eggs #recipe

Spiced boiled eggs (Telur Kecap) #boiledeggs #eggs #recipe

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