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Boiling meat is one of the easiest ways to cook it. Here are some tips for keeping your boiled meat from foaming:

Many are accustomed to the fact that when cooking meat, foam forms, and remove it automatically. It is believed that it contains all the dirt. However, it is not. We offer to understand what it actually consists of and why it appears.

Cooking foam

Why does foam form?

The foamy cap, which covers the broth in the pan, does not look very appetizing. But it’s definitely not pollution or harmful substances. There is a lot of protein in any meat and poultry. And foam is curled protein. During cooking, coagulation occurs, and as a result, foam forms on the surface of the water.

The slower the heating, the more protein is released. Accordingly, a lot of foam appears. Increases its amount of blood. In this case, the foam cap also changes color – it turns brown.

The quality of the meat and its cleanliness matters. Young veal produces less foam than beef.

Cooking foam

Is foam required to be removed?

In cooking, foam has always been considered a byproduct and undesirable. It is shot by both professional chefs and experienced housewives. Let’s see what they are doing for.

What harm from the foam in the broth?

  1. The dish quickly soups. The foam consists of the first coagulated proteins, which, for denaturation, have a temperature of 40 degrees. In addition to quick cooking, these proteins are prone to quick acidification. Dishes with foam are not stored for long – they disappear within 1-2 days.
  2. Bad smell and bitterness. Foam has its own specific aroma, which many do not like. And if it contains blood impurities, then it can also be bitter, which does not affect the taste of the dish in the best way.
  3. An unaesthetic look. Experienced culinary specialists strive for high broth transparency. They not only remove the foam, but also filter it through cheesecloth. It is believed that all ingredients should be visible in the first courses. So they look the most aesthetically pleasing and appetizing.

Foam in the pan In fairness, foam has a certain benefit. It lies in the fact that the broth with it is more rich and nutritious. If a specific smell, taste and look do not bother, it is quite possible to leave it. Foam is not harmful to health, even the one with gore.

The first broth is recommended to be drained. It is considered not very useful and clean, because according to the rules the meat is cooked unwashed. So much safer for health. During normal washing, germs and harmful particles are not completely removed. Instead, they infect nearby surfaces with splashes of water.

Transparent meat broth

How to make sure that there is no foam?

When cooking meat, often a lot of foam is formed, and you have to remove it more than once, especially if the water boils slowly. To do this, use a slotted spoon or an ordinary spoon. But there are secrets that will help reduce the formation of foam to nothing.

  • Put the onion. The onion head will stop the denaturation process. The protein will curl up and the froth will no longer rise.
  • Throw meat into boiling water. In this case, it seems to be sealed, and the protein practically does not fall into the water. But keep in mind that the broth will turn out less rich. But the meat itself will be as useful and tasty as possible.

If particles of foam remain and sink to the bottom, a glass of ice water should be added to the boiling broth. He will raise the cereal upstairs. And you can get rid of the foam by filtering through cheesecloth. It is only necessary that the broth is infused for 15-20 minutes.

The testament to remove foam during the preparation of the broth is passed on from generation to generation. Many argue that it contains all the harm. However, this is not quite true. It is removed due to an unaesthetic appearance, specific taste and smell. But in general, it is not dangerous to foam that forms when cooking meat is just curled squirrels.

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