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I make my own version of this dish, and I like to use a mix of white and brown rice. It's easy to make, and it tastes delicious!

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How to mak ehispanic stir fry rice

Using leftover rice, this vegetarian Mexican Fried Rice will be on the table in 15 minutes – closer to 10 minutes actually. Made extra tasty by using enchilada sauce as the flavour base! {Vegetarian/Vegan}

Made extra tasty by using enchilada sauce as the base (or taco sauce or salsa). On the table in 10 minutes! #vegan #vegetarian

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I call this “fried rice” because it is made using leftover rice rather than making it “risotto style” starting with uncooked rice grains. I find that making it by cooking rice in a tomato liquid makes the dish more risotto like and too starchy and wet for my liking. This method using leftover rice is perfect – it really is restaurant style.

This is a great throw together mid week meal that you can make with Mexican-related leftovers. I made this vegetarian because I didn’t have any leftover meat, but by all means if you have some, toss them in! Shredded chicken, Pork Carnitas, beef or even fish will go great with this.

The key to this rice is the enchilada sauce which adds a heap of flavour. Truth be told, I used homemade. My Easy Classic Enchilada Sauce only takes 10 minutes to make so I often have a batch of it in the fridge (I use it for all sorts of things other than Enchiladas – soups, dipping sauce and even on omelettes). But store bought is fine too. You could substitute the enchilada sauce with taco sauce – though the flavour will be slightly different, it will still be delicious, guarantee it. As a last resort you could use tomato paste but it will require extra seasoning and loosening up with water – I’ve provided directions for this in the notes.

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This is a great versatile and fast recipe to add to your mid week meal rotation!

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