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how to make 1000 year old egg porridge

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How to make 1000 year old egg porridge

This Chinese gruel dish is just one of one of the most reassuring morning meal faves amongst the Chinese. The gruel (congee) is called the Lean Pork as well as Century Eggs Gruel (皮蛋瘦肉粥).

Lots of people assume that the only method to obtain the creamy smooth gruel is to simmer the gruel for lengthy hrs. In this gruel dish, I’ll explain the approach of obtaining this appearance in half the moment.

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A steaming dish of Chinese gruel (or Jook if equated phonetically) functions magic to ease the sniffles or simply fill up a stubborn belly. Chinese gruel is the best food when a person drops unwell as well as gets on a fluid diet regimen. It is tasty, simple to absorb as well as flexible for including components. It ends up being a total one-pot dish when veggies are mixed right into the meat gruel.

Note: If you discover any kind of Chinese congee dish, it is simply one more name of Chinese gruel dish!

Tips as well as techniques

Do you wish to make a superb pot of gruel? Not a problem.

Please review this pointers as well as techniques prior to publishing out the gruel dish. (The dish is ideal after the pointers.).

This cooking note was composed while I prepared, examination, plus my monitoring of just how my mother did it (mommy’s food preparation is constantly the most effective ), as well as info from publications, video clips, as well as write-ups.

1. Exactly how to prepare the rice to obtain the silky smooth appearance

( The conventional vs. the extremely rapid cold approach)

The conventional approach

Cantonese gruel is well-known for its smooth appearance. Typically, it takes greater than a hr of simmering to obtain the preferred appearance. Luckily, you can ice up the rice prior to simmering to quicken the procedure.

Below are the actions

  • Soak Saturate the rice in water for one hr. (It aids to soften the rice.)
  • Salt Include some salt as well as oil to the rice as well as leave it for half a hr.
  • Rinse Wash the rice with water two times.
  • Boil Include the rice to boiling water as well as continue to prepare the gruel.

Saturate the rice, including salt as well as oil aid to soften the rice grain. This action will certainly reduce the period to prepare the rice up until it ends up being smooth as well as uniform.

Usage icy rice in this gruel dish to decrease the simmering time considerably

The cold approach (this is scientific research!)

In this gruel dish, we have actually reduced the moment by fifty percent by utilizing the cold approach.

Below are the actions

  • Rinse Wash the rice with water two times. Drained pipes.
  • Salt Include some salt as well as oil to the rice.
  • Freeze Freeze the rice over night or at the very least up until it is iced up.
  • Boil The following day, include the icy rice to boiling water as well as continue to prepare the gruel.

Exactly how it functions

When the rice is iced up, the water within the rice grains will certainly develop into ice. Because the quantity of ice is 10 percent bigger than water, it will certainly change the framework of the rice grain. Because of this, the rice grain will conveniently be damaged down right into smaller sized items after cold. As a result, the complete surface area of the rice grains enhances dramatically, as well as the starch will certainly damage down much quicker, consequently decrease the moment called for to attain the creamy appearance.

Wash the rice just two times Why?

We are utilized to washing the rice repetitively up until the water runs clear prior to steaming the rice. However why is it just require to wash two times in this gruel dish?

Factor: Washing the rice two times is to get rid of the pollutants. Better washing will certainly get rid of the starch which is necessary to create creamy smooth gruel.

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You can make use of lengthy or brief grain rice to make gruel. Brief grain rice will certainly create thicker gruel as a result of the greater web content of starch. You require to make use of even more water or decrease the quantity of rice if brief grain rice is utilized.

2. The water-to-rice proportion for the very best gruel dish

The water to rice proportion is the crucial to preparing an excellent pot of Chinese gruel. The proportion of water to rice I make use of in this dish is 15:1. This quantity of water suffices to prepare the gruel up until the rice grains degenerate creating a silky smooth sludge.

Nonetheless, the real quantity of water depends upon the warmth of the cooktop, the quantity of gruel in the pot as well as whether the rice is iced up.

Utilize even more water if you are unclear. If it wants water, you can include water to it, yet it needs to be boiling water.

Including chilly water has a tendency to create the gruel different right into 2 layers, just like oil divides from water in mayo.

Chinese porridge recipe

3. Exactly how to improve the taste of the components today

The option of components varies from one Chinese gruel dish from one more. You can make use of any kind of components to the silky smooth gruel base.

Pork as well as Century eggs (additionally called thousand-year eggs) are utilized in this well-known Cantonese gruel dish, yet you can replace it with poultry, hamburger, fish fillet, shellfishes, as well as various other fish and shellfish.

You can additionally replace the shredded lean pork with the leftovers from the Thanksgiving turkey. If you do so, include the prepared turkey meat to the gruel after the gruel is done. You can steam the turkey meat for a couple of secs to warm it up or simply offer it in addition to the gruel in a dish.

Various other gruel dishes might consist of completely dry scallops as component of the fish and shellfish in the gruel, very finely cut beef, beef rounds, peanuts as well as mashed pumpkin.

Below is the information of each of the components in this gruel dish:


Pork loin is the favored cut to make this gruel.

Below are the actions to prepare the pork prior to food preparation:

  • Cut Cut the pork right into big portions. (Around 2 centimeters thick, 10cm size.)
  • Marinate. Marinade with salt as well as grease over night (or at the very least half a day) in the fridge.
  • Blanch. Pale the pork in boiling water for one min to get rid of blood as well as pollutants. Drained pipes.
  • Chef Prepare along with the rice up until the gruel is done.

Do not stress over way too much salt in the sauce. The excess salt will certainly be cleaned off throughout blanching. Cut the meat right into big portions due to the fact that we wish to steam it along with the rice.

How to make Chinese congee

Century egg (Chinese: 皮蛋)

I concur century eggs are gross for some individuals. They look odd, scent horrible, as well as evoke the altered infant Godzillas. They have various other names which I do not recognize just how they are acquired: hundred-year eggs, thousand-year eggs, millennium eggs, yet actually they are managed eggs.

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The century eggs are conventional Chinese special. The poultry or duck eggs are protected in a combination of clay, ash, salt, quicklime for 15 to 20 days. In time, the shade of the yolk ends up being dark eco-friendly with a luscious uniformity as well as solid taste as a result of the hydrogen sulfide as well as ammonia existing, while the egg white rely on a dark brownish, transparent jelly with a salted taste.

Weird? You will certainly never ever recognize the preference if you never ever attempt it. It will certainly be an enjoyable shock for you.

Below are the actions to prepare the century eggs:

  • Cut Cut the eggs very carefully right into tiny items. Be mild as it is fairly soft.
  • Chef Include fifty percent of them to the gruel at the onset of food preparation.
  • Garnish Include the rest at the last 5 mins to ensure that they will certainly stay distinct items after food preparation.

Century egg is alkaline, which aids the rice degenerate rapidly. They will ultimately liquify entirely right into the gruel if you reduced them right into extremely tiny items. That is why you must book some to include in the nick of time to ensure that they stay as the entire item when offered.

pork and century egg porridge

Others: ginger, scallion, salty eggs as well as lettuce

Now your might recognize why the gruel is so tasty. It is greater than simply pork as well as century eggs in the gruel dish.

shredded ginger for porridge


– Cut the ginger right into great julienne.- Usage fifty percent of it to prepare the gruel.- Saturate the various other fifty percent in water to decrease its solid taste. Position it in addition to the gruel as enhancement.

scallion in soy sauce


– Cut the scallion right into tiny items.- Marinate with light soy sauce.- Scoop a tsp of the marinaded scallion on the gruel to offer.

salted egg for porridge

Salty eggs

– tidy the salty eggs completely.- Location the raw eggs in the gruel as well as simmer with each other. (Just like making a hard-boiled egg).- Eliminate from the simmering gruel. Fracture the eggs as well as reduce right into tiny items.- Return fifty percent of the egg items to the gruel as well as proceed food preparation.- Maintain the rest as the enhancement to offer.


– Cut the lettuce right into strips.- Combine with salt, area it in a bowl-shaped sieve or filter for half an hour.- Drained pipes as well as pressed completely dry the lettuce.- Location some lettuce at the end of the dish. Put the boiling gruel over it as well as offer.

This action is to get rid of the raw preference as well as excess water that impact the taste of the gruel.

Chinese congee recipe

4. Simmer to the preferred density you desire

Adhere to the actions to prepare smooth as well as reassuring, yet not sludgy or excessively thick gruel:

– Utilize warm water to prepare can decrease dampness near the bottom- Steam the gruel with the conventional approach if you do not have time restraints. The longer you prepare, the silkier the appearance will certainly be.- Usage high warmth originally to separate the rice grains quickly.- Decrease to a bare simmer, like preparing a stew. High warmth can strengthen the meat.- Mix the gruel sometimes, as the gruel can adhere to all-time low of the pot.

5. Indulge your eyes with lovely garnishing

A drizzle of soy sauce as well as a couple of declines of sesame oil on the warm gruel make it a limitless dish of convenience. Garnish the gruel with the shredded pork, marinaded springtime onions, Century eggs. salty eggs, some shredded ginger, as well as fresh sliced scallions.

Take a look at this video clip- just how to reduce the scallion to garnish the gruel.

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