How to make 2 cups of coffee

How to make coffee: 1. Measure out two tablespoons of ground coffee into a mug or coffee press and fill with hot water. 2. Add two teaspoons of sugar or honey to the coffee grounds before brewing, if desired

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How to make 2 cups of coffee

Now we have been getting loads of questions from our prospects about tips on how to brew 2 cups directly.

Though we’re professionals, we would not have magical arms that make issues work automatically- similar to another espresso fanatics, we make hypotheses, undergo trials and errors and make obligatory changes.

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This time, we stroll you thru our experiments and trials and share our recipe constructed for brewing 2 cups.

First, we made a speculation that we are able to merely multiply the recipe for a single cup brew relying on how a lot we need to make.

What we discovered consequently was that whereas merely doubling the quantity of espresso and water, and the quantity of scorching water we pour every time (from first pour to fourth pour) labored, however we needed to regulate the grind measurement 2 clicks coarser. We additionally discovered that extra thorough agitation after we bloomed the espresso resulted in a sweeter cup.

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One problem we encountered by doubling the one cup brew to brew 2 cups is that it prolonged the overall brewing time by about 30 seconds.

Typically talking, the longer the brewing time, the extra it’s extracted. The ensuing cup can be much less gentle, much less acidic, however turn into thicker and sweeter as an alternative.

We then tried adjusting the grind measurement to regulate the brewing time, and made the grind measurement 2 clicks coarser.

As we modified the grind measurement coarser click on by click on, the brewing time decreased by 5 – 10 seconds every time. After we moved 2 clicks coarser, the overall brewing time lastly matched the perfect size.

Nevertheless, by lowering the brewing time, the ultimate cup turned a little bit too clear and missing affect.

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It’s scrumptious sufficient, however in case you desire a candy cup, we advocate giving a radical agitation and blooming to maximise the complicated fruitiness and sweetness. Right here is our ultimate recipe:Hario V60 (02 measurement)FELLOW STAGG EKG kettleEthiopia Kelloo #6

Espresso: Water = 26g : 400g

00:00- 12 Pour 80g of scorching water 00:40- 52 Pour 120g of scorching water (200g of water poured in whole to this point)01:10- 22 Pour 100g of scorching water (300g of water poured in whole to this point)01:40- 52 Pour one other 100g (400g of scorching water poured in whole to this point)02:40- 50 End brewing Controlling the pouring pace can be necessary once you brew a number of cups at a time-even in case you grind the espresso coarser, brewing time will nonetheless be lengthy in case you pour slowly.

One of many nice issues about pourover is that sluggish, Zen second of pouring the recent water- however once you make 2 cups at a time, channel your interior speedster and pour dynamically, and rapidly. Take pleasure in brewing!

*************************************Kosuke’s Detailed Be aware: Testing 2-cups brew

<Speculation>Doubling the one cup brew recipe will work.

<Check>1st take a look at 13g espresso : 200g water -> 26g espresso : 400g waterGrind measurement: 8.5 (identical as single cup brew)Whole brewing time: 02:52 The ultimate cup has loads of physique, with disagreeable taste within the aftertaste. Clearly overly extracted. 2nd testAdjusted the grind measurement to 9.0Total brewing time: 02:47Comparatively much less physique, however nonetheless overly extracted. third take a look at Adjusted the grind measurement to 9.5Total brewing time: 02:42Light bodied, clear and clear cup. A somewhat flat tasting, in all probability a little bit too clear. Not sufficient taste. <Conclusion> To brew 2 cups directly, double the one cup brew recipe, and regulate the grind measurement to 1-2 clicks coarser.

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