How to make a 3 layer cake from a box

3 layer cake from a box is easy to make with the right ingredients, follow these steps:

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Have you ever ever puzzled how bakers on Instagram make a unadorned cake with flowers – these fancy layer muffins with flowers and simply the correct quantity of frosting? You can also make your personal cake utterly from scratch…. or you possibly can simply… not. I’m not above utilizing a boxed cake combine for making layer muffins and neither do you have to! Right here’s improve boxed cake combine into a flowery layer cake – a unadorned cake with contemporary flowers. Since a unadorned cake is only a cake frosted with solely a crumb coat, it’s truthfully the best sort of cake to do.

how to make a fancy flower cake aka naked cake

A boxed cake combine could be an possibility whenever you’re seeking to make a cake rapidly (you forgot somebody’s birthday) and wish to save a couple of bucks if you happen to discover that you just’re out of flour or baking powder. Clearly, the home made cake tastes a little bit higher (just a bit, imho) however a boxed cake is dependable and constant.

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boxed cake mix betty crocker super moist french vanilla

make a fairly bare cake utilizing boxed cake combine

First issues first, I like to recommend cake making to be a two-day course of. Bake the layers in the future, freeze the cake, after which frost and beautify and eat the subsequent day. Simply wish to give your self sufficient time to do that proper! There are two methods to do that.

possibility 1: you may have 6″ cake pans, and wish to use boxed cake combine for the sake of time

You’ve seen muffins on Instagram which are actually evenly baked with agency sides and constant peak, that’s as a result of they used good cake pans that guarantee a fair bake. After mixing the batter, I exploit these 6-inch layer cake pans and likewise swear by Wilton cake nonstick spray. It completely eliminates the necessity for parchment liners.


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I then weight out the batter equally amongst three 6 inch cake pans so as to guarantee even layers. My oven tends to run 10 levels cool, so I set the oven for 360F if the recipe requires 350F. Bake for 26 minutes till you see the perimeters of the cake begin to draw back from the cake pan.

boxed cake mix layer cake layers

After letting the cake cool practically utterly, I plop out the cake and degree off the highest of the layers. Then, as a result of I discover that boxed cake combine’s crumb tends to be moister, I wrap every layer in plastic wrap and freeze them in a single day. I’ve discovered that reduces crumbling once I’m frosting the cake.

possibility 2: you don’t have particular cake pans, solely a sheet pan, and nonetheless wish to make a layer cake

All will not be misplaced if you happen to don’t have these explicit cake tins! you may also bake the cake in a jelly roll sheet pan. once more, combine the cake batter per the field. Then pour it right into a jelly roll sheet pan that’s been ready/lined/sprayed with cake slip. Bake for 25-Half-hour, and let cool.

You should use a cereal bowl (about 6″ in diameter) and, just like a cookie-cutter, punch out 3 6″ rounds from the pan (save the scraps for cake pops!) this feature goes to be a little bit crumblier, so positively don’t skip the freezing of the layers right here. Christina Tosi at milk bar makes her muffins like this, so that is positively a legit approach to do it.

frosting & adorning a unadorned cake

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A unadorned cake is only a cake that’s simply been frosted with a crumb coat. Actually a lot easier than it seems!

After I’m able to frost/beautify/eat, I pull the cake layers out of the freezer and mud off any crumbs. A easy frosting is 1 160z field of powdered sugar : 2 sticks of butter : pinch salt: sprint of vanilla extract. Your butter needs to be room temp; you possibly can depart the butter out in a single day whenever you’re freezing your cake or put within the microwave for 5-10 second bursts till it’s comfortable however not melted.

I forgot to take an image whereas I used to be frosting the cake, so I’ll refer you to this video for do a crumb coat, which is what these “naked cakes” are. So fairly and for me the correct quantity of frosting!

Then, to brighten, I really like to consider cake adorning like a floral association. I select 1-2 key colours, with a little bit little bit of foliage as a filler. I wish to make issues asymmetrical and discover shapes, stability, repetition, colour distinction, and texture distinction. Right here’s one I got here up with a couple of days in the past that makes use of these pretty gentle purple flowers I don’t know the identify of, and two kinds of eucalyptus as ornament. So enjoyable!

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