how to make a 3d giraffe cake

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How to make a 3d giraffe cake

In this post I wish to detail the primary actions I required to make a 3D giraffe cake a while back.

3D Giraffe Cake

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Extra notably, I wish to share the procedure that is made use of to ensure that you can use it to various other 3D cakes of this nature. This cake was in fact made a long time ago yet I make use of the very same method for a great deal of various 3D cakes. I do not have detailed pictures for the procedure of the cake (because it was made a long period of time ago), nevertheless I will certainly attempt to reveal as well as discuss as high as I can with illustrations.

Cake Modelling Paste

The information in the head is mainly the outcome of an approach that entails forming a fundamental kind, layer it with a delicious chocolate layer, and afterwards including a layer of “mixed cake” over the delicious chocolate. This last layer of blended cake permits forming as well as designing with even more information. It would certainly be extremely tough to attempt to “carve” a cake right into a comprehensive kind for the head, particularly when it is rather a little location. So making use of blended cake to form the head in even more information functions quite well.

Eventually, the optimal kind of uniformity you would certainly desire when dealing with any kind of modelling product, is something that is flexible, receptive as well as solid sufficient to hold as well as maintain its placement. As an example, something like musicians designing clay, or perhaps kids’s Playdoh is respectable.

So what regarding when it involves cake? Well, there is a method to produce a Playdoh-like product, with cake. If you take a split cake (sponge as well as ganache), as well as simply blend as well as massage it up until the sponge as well as the ganache are entirely blended with each other. What you wind up with is a paste that you can make use of to version as well as shape particular locations of your cake. As a result of the butter web content in the ganache (especially describing split mud cake), if you place this blended cake right into the refrigerator for some time, it will certainly obtain quite hard. On the other side, if you massage it as well as have fun with it excessive in your hands, the butter will certainly thaw as well as it will certainly obtain as well soft to deal with. So as lengthy as you can preserve the appropriate equilibrium as well as maintain it within that ideal variety in temperature level, you can utilize this blended cake to obtain rather described with your modelling.

Attempt not to utilize this blended cake paste as well a lot on the cake since although it is practically still “cake”, it has actually shed the structure of a regular cake so a person may attack right into a huge piece of textureless cake which might not be the most effective consuming experience. All the tiny air bubbles in the sponge have actually been crushed out so when a person consumes it, it might seem like they are consuming a paste or an under baked sponge or something like that. As a result of this, it ought to just be made use of where needed as well as in percentages.

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Please keep in mind: This technique will just deal with cakes that have a tough setup lotion layer as well as a larger kind of sponge. As an example, butter sponge with butter lotion, or mud cake sponge with ganache. It might not function as reliable with a softer kind of sponge. One more point that I need to discuss is that this cake paste is not actually for the small little components. The ears, horns, eyes as well as nostrils are still produced with fondant, after the head is covered with fondant. I would certainly claim that blended cake is extra for the smaller sized components of the cake shaping phase, instead of the last describing phase.

Delicious Chocolate Power

In some cases when making a cake, there are particular components that are prone to falling down or flawing when the cake resolves at area temperature level. As an example, when it comes to the giraffe cake, the neck is sustained with a steel threaded pole (covered with a plastic tube) yet the head is extending in an outward direction from the neck so the head might be susceptible to falling down later on otherwise sustained properly. So what I typically perform in this circumstance is sculpt the standard form of the head, after that cover the location with a layer of delicious chocolate, after that include even more information over the delicious chocolate layer making use of the cake paste. I have actually discussed this method in a previous post where I utilize it to enhance rates of wedding event cakes.

So making use of the technique I have actually discussed, allows have a look at the giraffe cake as well as see exactly how it was done. Heres a representation I have actually attracted to demonstrate how every little thing I have actually discussed thus far functions.

Diagram showing the areas where cake mix is used.

Bear in mind that this is a profile so although you can not see it below, the cake mix is made use of for the sides of the giraffe’s head also.

Internal construction

As you can see in the representation, the standard form of the giraffe is developed, and afterwards covered with a layer of delicious chocolate. After that the in-depth modelling is corrected the delicious chocolate making use of the cake paste. This permits additionally designing to be done later on, after the layer is done. If we did the cake mix initially, after that delicious chocolate, it would certainly be extremely tough to use the delicious chocolate skin without transforming the forms you have actually currently designed with the cake mix.

Likewise notice the density of the delicious chocolate. Notification exactly how it is thicker near the base, as well as likewise think about that because the delicious chocolate goes to the very least 2mm thick, it can transform percentages (make the head as well large and so on). As a result of this, it might be a good idea to make the head a little smaller sized prior to the delicious chocolate. Keep in mind, there’s likewise a fondant layer coming also! It’s an usual error that I have actually given way way too many times as well as you wind up with a truly large head that runs out percentage as well as looks a little cartoony rather than practical.

This helps a great deal of scenarios yet what happens if the head was larger, or extending out a little bit extra, or you simply intended to make sure that absolutely nothing was mosting likely to occur to the head … after that delicious chocolate alone most likely will not get the job done. Considering that the head of this giraffe is rather tiny, delicious chocolate ought to get the job done yet if you intended to make sure the head will not fall down, one more means to do it would certainly be something similar to this …

Diagram showing an internal platform to hold the weight of the head.

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Currently you can see that the head is sustained with a little system (cut from 3mm thick acrylic sheet) protected in position with hexagonal nuts on the threaded pole. The steel made use of need to be galvanized to stop any kind of steel contamination yet to go one action additionally, the pole is covered with big plastic straws that fits completely as well as the hexagonal nuts are covered with delicious chocolate prior to putting any kind of cake on it. The delicious chocolate assists divides the steel from the cake.


You might be questioning exactly how the giraffe was covered with fondant, because it is such an uncomfortable form. Certainly it would certainly be as well tough to simply present an item of fondant as well as unpack it over the cake (like you would certainly finish with a routine wedding event cake) since the neck as well as the head would certainly create the fondant to tear as its being unwrapped.

So primarily, I covered the giraffe in 3 components. Head, neck as well as body. Initially the head, was simply a little item put over the head as well as gradually continued as well as around the nose. This item finished around the beginning of the top of the neck. After layer the head, I rolled one more rectangle-shaped item as well as covered the neck up and down as well as made use of a blade to reduce up and down along the neck to get rid of the unwanted. After that to cover the body, I presented a huge item of fondant, as well as reduced a straight line from the centre out. This cut component would certainly twist around the neck as well as re sign up with on the upper body of the giraffe.

Diagram showing the different sections of coating steps.

Nevertheless 3 components were covered, the legs as well as the tail of the giraffe were designed with fondant as well as glued to the cake with water. The ears as well as horns were likewise made with fondant as well as glued to the head with water. To mix every one of these affixed fondant components (legs, ears, horns, tail) I simply piped some imperial topping along the sides and afterwards smoothed the imperial topping with a brush as well as water.


After the giraffe was covered with fondant as well as all the additional components were affixed, it prepared to be airbrushed. There is no genuine technique to this. I simply made certain I had lots of recommendation pictures of giraffes as well as their special hair pattern, and afterwards simply took it actually sluggish as well as replicated the recommendation pictures as high as I could. I presume a pair bottom lines to discuss would certainly be to make certain you do not hurry. Simply concentrate on a little area at once. Likewise, just like the majority of paint, begin with the lighter colours as well as function your means to the darker colours. So I initially air combed the yellow, after that orange, after that brownish, after that black.

Final Thought

I wish you discovered this post useful as well as found out something brand-new that you can make use of in your very own cake enhancing endeavors. Naturally I am not stating that this is the only means to do this so if you have any kind of concepts on various methods or would love to share the means you do would certainly do it, I would certainly like to hear your ideas so please leave a remark Many thanks for checking out!

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